Mom truth time!

This image right here is the premise behind #SuckItFillMyBucket and the #FillYourBucket Movement, and of course….. my book that so many moms are adopting in order to take control of their mental health.

It’s hard to be happy and healthy when you have an empty bucket that you are trying to pour from.

As moms, we don’t need little cups…..we need big ol’ buckets, and all it takes is some intention to live a life beyond your dreams!

That all starts with stealing, (or prioritizing, depending on your mindset), ten minutes at a time to do the things that make you feel good.

When we feel GOOD, we literally emit an energy to others that allows them to feel good. The ripple impact at it’s finest.

Ten minutes in the am before the kids wake up, ten minutes while they have screentime or quiet playtime or reading time, (yes, it’s possible to make this happen), ten minutes here and there to phone a friend, connect on social media, make a smoothie, take supplements, read a blog, go for a walk, sit in the sun, listen to music……

……you get the idea.

Need some help?

Don’t worry….I did too. And now, I love to share what works for a busy mom like you and I.

Download my ebook Fill Your Bucket to get ten of the most impactful ways to self-wellness in under ten minutes at a time.

Why take care of your mind and body?

If you’re a mom, your kids are a great reason. You brought humans into this world or adopted them from this world. You choose what to do about that now.

I recommend getting rebellious and liberated from the idea that your needs and desires should be put on the back burner until they are eighteen.

That sucks.

Fill Your Bucket as a movement is about liberation and permission.

It’s about getting a little rebellious over the fact that moms feel like their needs, desires, and passions should always come last.

We are flipping the script.

No more will we allow any mom to feel alone, unsupported, and unfulfilled.

No more accepting their circumstances, saying, “I can’t care for myself, I have kids”.

Let’s flip the script and say, “I have to care for myself because I have kids”.

It’s time to say “Suck it” to the things that don’t matter or can wait- the laundry, the dishes, the trash, the emails, the list that goes for days, and pay intentional energy and attention to the things that make us feel good.

It’s time to rise and say, “I’m filling my bucket; I’m going to take ten minutes here and there to do things that make me feel GOOD, because it makes me a better woman in the long game to fill my bucket daily.”

That GOOD feeling is so important to experience as you go through your days because it impacts us all!

As you experience it, be sure to reach out and grab more, and spread that goodness forward.

The HOW can be tricky, so be sure to check out the video series I did on this topic here!


Here’s the challenge:

Step 1- Take a photo or video of yourself doing something that makes you feel good and post it with the hashtag #SuckItFillMyBucket or #FillYourBucketMovement

Step 2- Nominate two moms to take this challenge of posting a video of them blowing off something that can wait, in order to fill themselves up.

That’s it!

If you are reading this, I nominate YOU!

I really hope y’all participate on any and all your platforms!

It’s not selfish. It’s necessary and healthy.

Why am I raising awareness for Fill Your Bucket as a movement and a book??

Because all moms deserve to feel supported and empowered, instead of alone and burned out.

Simple as that.

If you are IN on this movement with me, comment and share this post so other moms know they are supported!

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