I found this image and put it as a wallpaper on my phone as a constant reminder, but it’s probably not what you think……

I consider myself kind of a rebel at my most authentic self and I often desire to go against the social norms when it comes to beliefs.

I’ve always disliked this idea of “Be your BEST version of you!”


Research in sociology has recently labeled that a “dysfunctional belief” because “best” is linear, and there’s no way to evolve and elevate from the “best”; there is no “best” version of you, but many possible versions of you that could all result in a happy and healthy and fulfilled life.

Instead of aiming for “best”, I am for “highest”, which may sound the same, but it’s not.

Hang with me here.

Best is about self, about ego. It’s about you wanting to be better than everyone else, including your past self, for your own personal validation.

When aiming for the highest level of something, you are aiming to achieve something greater than yourself, you are willing to have a “long-game” plan, full with strategy and extraordinary effort, and faith in something greater than yourself.

I’m grateful for who I am and where I’m at, but I also have clear vision of who I want to be, that “highest version of myself” if you will.

My highest self wakes up earlier than the rest of her family to get her head on straight for the day, so that’s what I got to do today.

My highest self meditates and does yoga and never misses a day, so that’s what I need to do today and tomorrow, the same as I did yesterday and the day before.

My highest self doesn’t get sucked in to a fight with her husband because of something petty; she is calm and enlightened enough to take a breath and choose love instead of needing to be heard or needing to be right….

So that’s how I need to show up in my marriage, right now today, so that I can be my highest self one day sooner than I would be if I waited till tomorrow to show up as her.

My highest self is good to her body, she speaks self-love, she takes the supplements that she knows will help her mind and body function, she goes to bed at a reasonable time so that she can wake up early and be a force to be reckoned with tomorrow.

My highest self has kids that adore her because she has shown up for them everyday and been the example they needed to be the productive and impactful humans that they know they are meant to be.

My highest self speaks her truth to anyone who will listen and is unapologetic about the message she has to bring. 💕

Have you put time into visualizing what your “highest self” looks like? Where does she live? How does she act? What kinds of things does she do? Who adores her?

If you’re unclear today about where to go in your future, I encourage you to start with this exercise.

When you get still and meet with your inner spirit, your vision will come, and then you can work backwards in order to create her and her life, starting with your daily actions right now. 

I’m unapologetic about my belief that creating change in the world and achieving anything of high value, starts with creating change and love within yourself and showing up as a high-value version of you.

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