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I’m so pumped you are here, & I’d love to tell you why that is.

My name is Christina, & I’m the creator of Mom on the Climb, but my story doesn’t matter just yet, because if you do nothing else here beside raise your vibe & catch a glimpse of your life elevated, I consider myself grateful to have been a part of your journey for a time.

Put on Your Vibrational Slippers

I thought a lot about what I wanted you to know or feel in the first few moments you land here, and I quickly decided that it is most important to me that you leave feeling more elevated than you came in.

I could show you a picture of a cute baby elephant, or firefighters and baby ducks, raising your emotional state momentarily…..

But because I want you to succeed at living an elevated life– a life in which your quality is getting better and better all the time…..

…..So that you can be a beacon of light for your yourself & your family, and let that impact ripple outwards into the world.

Because of this, I thought I’d instead become a positive partner in your life’s elevation by sharing with you my ”vibrational slippers” method of “vibing higher”, even under the circumstances of life & motherhood.

I’d also love to show you around our webiste- created as a ”Hubspot for Momlife elevation”- helping moms through the journey of motherhood by providing tools for development, support, connection, growth, & quality of life.

Giving You Vibrational Slippers: If I may offer a visual…..

We wake each morning and have a choice in the first five seconds: to get out of bed and mentally put on high-vibing slippers, or to get out of bed and step into low-vibing slippers. 

The low-vibing slippers associate themselves with low-vibing emotions of fear, anxiety, depression, hopelessness; they carry with them yesterdays pain, yesterday’s baggage, and yesterdays stress to bring in and walk in to today……

….And without dopamine flooding your system along with adrenaline, (like when wearing high-vibe slippers), these low vibes literally create disease within our minds and physical bodies over time.

We then go on accepting this diagnosis of “anxiety” or “autoimmune disease” or “irritable bowel syndrome” or “allergies “ as ”new normal”, instead of getting to the root-cause in order to heal the problem. 

The high-vibing slippers influence your energy in such a way that you view each day as a new opportunity to create momentum in the areas we want to elevate, so we walk in a vibration the matches our desires, which in turn creates more momentum, drawing our desires to us faster than we knew possible. 

Each morning we wake…..we get to choose again!

Once I learned this formula, everything changed.

Feeling stuck in life circumstances, or wanting to grow in any area to increase your quality of life?

Look at your thought patterns, witness what you watch and listen to, and chose wisely who you surround yourself with. The key is to witness with love, not judgement of ourselves.

Dr Joe Dispenza, (author, speaker, & researcher), talks about how we humans walk around asleep, not in actuality with our physical body, but with our minds; we are sleepwalking on autopilot. 

Mompilot I call it! I have a blog post you can read more about that in depth here, as well as grab some freebies to elevate this part of your life.

We at Mom on the Climb are all about honoring your journey, while being the bridge between where you are in your journey with where you are going.

How do you get from where you are to where you want to be? Build a bridge- one plank at a time. I’d love if you came to think of this space at your oasis & hubspot for your life’s elevation.

Christina Reynolds

May I give you a quick tour so that you can make yourself at home?

Whether you have five minutes, fifteen, or you are late-night binging content for hours, we have created a ”create your own experience” type of journey, where one post of interest often links to another.

We have found, (and hope), this offers a seamless and time-saving way for you to elevate your journey, and your experience in areas of personal development, spiritual growth, mental health, increasing quality of life, & receiving support and deeper connections.

Feel welcome to listen to our posts that offer an audio option, (again with the busy mom in mind), and send to your email anything you’d like to “save for later”.

Affectionately, I’ve created many tools, as well as partnered with amazing women and companies throughout my journey to elevate my own experience, and live to share those connections with you, so be blessed, and take a resource or community each time you visit.

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I’ve been dropping links to pages and posts that may be a good place to visit while here, however know that at the bottom of each webpage holds clickable links to other pages that may elevate the different aspects of your life.

*Disclaimer- I am a medical mom & writer, and not a web designer; if something doesn’t click, email christinareynolds@momontheclimb.com*

My story

If you are just meeting me for the first time, you may wonder how a mom like me came to run a space like this….

And I’d love to share!

I actually created a page for the occasion, named Christina’s CrazyCool Story- From Left For Dead to Leading Tribes, so help yourself to that saga that includes my origin story, as well as how Mom on the Climb was birthed.

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With Love as my Guide~ Your Sister,