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So there I was, sitting in my comfy chair this morning, enjoying myself on Pinterest, sipping my coffee & looking through all the beauty of this world, when I spotted this image (below)….

Photo credit Cafe Inevitable

“We are like books. Most people only see our cover, the minority read only the introduction, many people believe the critics. Few will know our content.”  

Emile Zola

This exquisite quote was written beside it. 

I almost choked on my coffee as I took in its depth. 

Have you ever had that experience? Where you see something that resonates deeply and you forget how to breathe for a second? 

This work of art touched me this morning with its’ ability to mesh simplicity with depth- bringing worth & importance to the constructs that create us, bind us, and ultimately free us with their realizations. 

It’s the curiosity that expedites the processes for me, bringing freedom faster. 

What cover have I created for the world to see? 
Who is reading my introduction, and what do I want them to experience in our beginning moments together?

Do I have critics? Do I care to think of them? 

Am I courageous enough to let my content be seen, judged, challenged, & rewritten when necessary? Am I being true to the story my soul wants to tell? 

The content of me was once hidden, more than twice rejected, and eternally evolving as a storyline. 

I’m free to hit my readers with a plot twist whenever I want. 

I get to co-create the story. This is my story. I claim it. I love it.

I share it to inspire & empower others. 

Your journey, the one that you are on during this time of your life, is all a part of your story, too. 

Which chapter are you on? What’s your cover look like? 

Are you happy with how your introduction reads to those just picking you up for size and feel?

How much energy are you giving to your critics? To those judging your journey? Would it serve you to stop considering them? 

Are you brave enough to pull back the pages of yourself and let your content be read, judged, possibly devoured with adoration for your mix of depth, simplicity, and complexity? 

….For the beautiful walking contradiction that you are, as I am, as we all are. 

Few will know our true content, and that’s okay. 

Trust that the ones meant to be a part of your story will be. Those meant to read or watch will be witnesses to your journey. 

What’s meant for us will not pass us. 

Spiritual teacher Mooji says “Life cannot be figured out.” 

Sit with that feeling for a moment. There is nothing to figure out, only to experience. 

What if we acted and lived as if that were true for us? Because it is.

This is your friendly reminder to be living your life, experiencing your life, not just surviving your life. 

The difference between experiencing and surviving is in your mind. 

I always say that my personal opinion is that surviving is okay. It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to be surviving…..

….But it is also okay to decide you want more, to want happier, want healthier, want a better quality of life, to want thriving. 

We get to choose our journey. 

That is both empowering, yes, but also a hard pill to swallow if everything feels hard, because that means we are where we are because of us, because of our choices. 

And that’s true. But it was also what the deepest & truest part of you needed to experience. 

And it’s okay, regardless of where you are right now. We only know what we know. But when we know better, we can do & be better. 

What areas are you wanting a greater quality of life? 

I happen to have a website geared towards elevating motherhood, (where you are now), helping to increase overall quality of life and create a positive ripple impact on the world. 

I invite you to explore, take what you need, and come back often to elevate! 

Explore Mom On The Climb now, and remember that this journey is yours. Claim it. Get aligned, and then receive all the blessings awaiting you. 

Let’s do Mom life together! 

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Hold space for what you need right now. 

Always ask yourself, “What are my three most important things to put my focus and energy into?” And then, put down everything else. 

I hope this serves you! Mom duty calls! 

Feel welcome to comment and share this post! I’m a real person, (not AI), and I truly appreciate you supporting my content creation. 🙏

With Love as my guide, 

Christina Bond-Reynolds
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Leslie · April 14, 2023 at 5:36 am

You are one smart, driven, caring, empathetic, beautiful women, wife, and mother. Love yours and Kadyn’s journey.❤️❤️

    Christina Reynolds · April 29, 2023 at 11:45 pm

    Thank you so much. Blessings to you. ❤️🙏

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