MOMPILOT: The automatic control provided to weary moms; keeps mom alive, yet lacks ability for accurate desired destinations.

Okay….I made this word up.

This is a tough one to grasp if you’ve been on full Mompilot for awhile, so I get it….but HANG WITH ME for just a moment! I promise I’ll take you somewhere higher!

Have you ever said that you’re “stuck on auto pilot”?

You get in the car, buckle up, and you desire to drive one place, but you’re so used to just driving to school when you leave in the morning, that you drive to the school instead of your desired destination when you hit that familiar road…..

Our bodies are actually programmed in multiple ways to act and behave in certain, practiced vibrations. This is cool science that I won’t dig into at this time!

Mompilot is when moms get stuck on a human version of autopilot, yet lack ability or action to self correct to reach their desired destination.

Most of the time, moms are too tired and busy to even set the damn GPS…

….So they spend their days climbing mountains, and putting out fires, and dealing with what’s right in front of them, never giving much thought to what they desire or what they need, and how that lack of awareness impacts their family.

“Where am I going in life? I don’t know…..Let me figure out what’s for dinner first.”

Every mom on a journey

I get it, Sister!! Been there, done that….so let’s chat!

It is important to know where you want to go and set your GPS, but it’s also okay to just cruise and enjoy the journey, being open to where the wind takes you.

The best option for a busy mom going through some stuff, is to release expectations and just enjoy the trip, or at very least, put support in place.

Trust me when I say that I understand that’s a tall ask when your desired “destination” is getting your baby home from the NICU, or trying to beat cancer, but it’s due to THOSE EXACT CIRCUMSTANCES that caused me to find the deeper truth in how the universe works……

Mom on the Climb

What I’ve learned over the years is some crazy beautiful truths about life, love, and the pursuit of health & happiness.

I’ve learned about the power of intention.

I’ve learned that when you change your energy, you can change your whole life.

I’ve learned that I don’t have to show up to every argument or dramafest I’m invited to.

I’ve learned that thoughts and feelings hold actual and measurable vibrations that impact my surroundings, and that I have control over those vibrations with focus and intention. This means I create my reality.

I’ve learned how to reprogram my cells and mind so I behave and act how I desire; I am no longer a slave to my mind and body.

I’ve learned that setting my GPS means staying awake and be open to detours, all the while holding faith that I’ll reach a good destination.

Get off Mompilot, set your GPS, and self-correct as needed. You can do it. I believe in you.

How to: Vibrational Slippers

If I may offer a visual….

We wake each morning and have a choice in the first five seconds: to get out of bed and mentally put on high-vibing slippers, or to get out of bed and step into low-vibing slippers. 

The low-vibing slippers associate themselves with low-vibing emotions of fear, anxiety, depression, hopelessness; they carry with them yesterdays pain, yesterday’s baggage, and yesterdays stress to bring in and walk in to today……

….And without dopamine flooding your system along with adrenaline, (like when wearing high-vibe slippers), these low vibes literally create disease within our minds and physical bodies. We then go on accepting this diagnosis of anxiety or autoimmune disease or irritable bowel syndrom or allergies as ”new normal”, instead of getting to the root-cause in order to heal the problem. 

The high-vibing slippers influence your energy in such a way that you view each day as a new opportunity to create momentum in the areas we want to elevate, so we walk in a vibration the matches our desires, which in turn creates more momentum, drawing our desires to us faster than we knew possible. 

Once I learned this formula, everything changed.

Feeling stuck in life circumstances?? Look at your thought patterns, witness what you watch and listen to, and who you surround yourself with. The key is to witness with love, not judgement of ourselves.

Dr Joe Dispenza, (author, speaker, & researcher), talks about how we humans walk around asleep, not in actuality with our physical body, but with our minds; we are sleepwalking on autopilot.

Mompilot I call it!

Dr Joe. gets physiological with his explination, which I happen to love, but I’ll spare you the science for now, and edify for you the fact that this is studied by brilliant minds that are now doing things like brain scans on those with mental illness and those mentally well, as well as documenting radical healing when the mind is in control of the body. 

In another blog post called How to choose your own experience, even with baggage, I break this down into even smaller baby steps, nicu baby steps, where you celebrate the microtiny things, with the knowledge that little things add up to big things over time. Check out that post to get the ”how-to: baby step style”.

Can I support you in this? I happen to have a few resources for this occasion!

  • FREEBIE downloadable Momlife design- created by yours truly to help you get a clear snapshot of where you are at compared to where you want to be. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

If you are traveling this journey and climbing this mountain we call motherhood alone, you are doing it the hard way!!

Grab a map, a partner, a resource (or three), and let’s get your GPS OFF Mompilot and ON to a happier and more elevated YOU!

Before you go!!

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Talk soon!

Your Soul-Sister,

Christina Reynolds