What an epically beautiful time that Bevin & I had together!

We laughed, we cried, I was inspired, & here is what one of our mom viewers had to say about it just moments after the event ended!

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Here’s a taste of the gold nuggets & goodness you’ll receive from Bevin’s fire!

”One of the things I talk about is taking 100% radically loving responsibility for our roll in the experience of our life, & so when we do that, when we take 100% radical responsibility, radically LOVING, then we take responsibility for how we are experiencing the world….

….It is not my fault that Mark died; it is not my fault that my house burned down. It is not my fault that my dad got cancer, or I had a miscarriage, or any of those things, AND I can take 100% responsibility for moving forward.

…. So I can choose how I tell the stories of Mark to my children. I can choose how I show up and honor ALL the feelings…..In doing that, we take responsibility for how we are experiencing life, which also means we can take responsibility for all the amazing things we do, because I don’t think we do that enough!

“……But we also then release responsibility for other peoples experience. I can be 100% responsible for how I show up, but not how things end up.”

Watch to hear how you can dream like a child again, create your own DAMN manifesto, find your six dimensional WHY, how to create a sustainable & thriving business that supports & inspires our children, and the world, & how to find your YES!

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“We never know what’s going to happen at any moment, & that is not a reason to live scared…..but it IS a reason to live fully!” ~ Bevin Farrand