I’m so excited to bring you this message and movement, and it’s my true hearts desire that YOU join me on this mission and movement!

The mission-

Suck It Fill My Bucket Show is a video podcast devoted to empowering moms to blow off things that don’t serve them or can wait, in order to fill their own buckets, which elevates their lives and causes a ripple impact in the world!

I will be jumping right into it and introducing FILL Your BUCKET as a strategy for your mom life in Episode One!

We have strategies for all sorts of things, banking systems, business strategies, but the most important strategy often gets overlooked and that’s a strategy for motherhood.

Episode One- The One With the Strategy

Episode Two- The One With the Pediatrician

Episode Three- The One With the Survivor Theme

Episode Four- The One With All the Jenergy

Episode Five- The One With the Happier Mom Project

Episode Six- The One With the True Identity

Episode Seven- The One With The Badass Moms With All the Hats

Episode Nine- The One Calling Out the Booshit Beliefs

I had so much fun creating this nine part series to elevate moms life! I had such a good time that I decided to create my next podcast that I plan to run for years! Stay tuned for the Mom on the Climb Podcast, heartwarming stories of inspiration & transformation to elevate moms’ journey!