I don’t know if you knew this about me, but I’m a big fan of the show Survivor, where people from all walks of life and social status come together in a remote location to outlast, outwit, and outplay each other, in the hopes of winning a million dollars.

Social psychology really interests me, and I enjoy watching how people play games, and perform at life, and how the two correlate.

There’s a hundred ways that people approach this game of Survivor, and each season it seems a different strategy got the winner to their position as millionaire.

A few things I noticed as a common thread for the winners.

First, they all had both allies and people that wanted them to fail.

Second, when they knew someone was gunning to kick them out of the tribe, they secured their alliance and found or won immunity in order to keep fighting to stay in the game; they hustled until their position was secure.

I know it’s just a reality tv show, but comparisons can still be drawn with how I’m showing up for my life….

….Am I at the top of my game, ready and willing to take on whatever gets thrown at me, whatever challenges come my way, whatever confrontational or difficult people are placed in my path?

…..Do I have a strong alliance of people that have my back?

……Do I have enough food for my mind, body, & soul, or resources to be immune from illness, or have high stress resilience?

…..Have I found immunity from others that are trying to put out my flame?

….And most importantly- what am I playing for? What reward do I seek? What’s my strategy to win?

These are questions that I’ve come to regularly ask myself in order to stay focused on my mission here on Earth as a wife, mom, and servant of hope and love.

The answers?

Well, I’m going to tell you mine, as well as how you can find these answers for yourself.

I think the answers to these questions can be found with three focus points. We can use these focus points as tools to magnify, and meditate on to create clarity for action steps to succeed.

Join me this Wednesday on my new video podcast the Suck It Fill My Bucket Show to chat about these three focus points, strategies to succeed in your Momlife, and how you can get to the root of figuring out your next steps in your journey, ultimately so you can save time & energy, and live a happy, healthy, & fulfilled life!

I’m going live using StreamYard! You can view it live at 3 pm MST in my Facebook groups: Mom on the Climb Tribe, Inner Circle Clan, and in my Dream-Team group, and will livestream into my YouTube channel Christina Reynolds Ripple Impact at 4pm MST.

I hope to see you there live!

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With love as my guide,

Christina Reynolds