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But first…..

How did this story-time podcast for real moms begin??

It was 2018 when I first caught the vision of hosting a podcast for moms telling stories of motherhood from around the globe.

Real moms telling real stories to elevate souls
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Living my own version of a daytime soap opera, there was only the events of my life to prove that the plot was not fiction….

….This was my real & dramatic life, even if the stories seemed unbelievable.

But this….vision I was gifted glimpses of….

I saw something incredible that took me to a place beyond my current reality of medical equipment & sleep deprivation. 

As I took the pictures from my mind, I ferociously scrambled them onto sheet paper I had laying nearby. Additionally, the sheets had arrived from a package I had accidentally received, and it became clear there was no accident….

….A Divine intervention brought me giant sheet paper to my door and a vision to my mind that set fire to my heart. 

After the Divine download was complete, I stepped back to see the sheet paper covering the walls of my bedroom.

There were no steps and no clear path; just bits of puzzle pieces of a future that could be…. If only….

….If only I knew how to actually DO ANY of the things scribbled all over this sheet paper.

Creating a blog & website as a hub for helping moms climb the mountains of motherhood….. No idea where to start with that. 

Building an inspiring & elevating community of moms that support moms….. No clue how to lead that one. 

“You can learn”, whispered my inner guide. 

I remember organizing the papers into a roadmap that made sense, so I knew where to start….

……With “podcast to share moms stories globally” waaay down the line. 

I thought my husband would think I had gone mad; a beautiful-mind-style work of art lay plastered across the bedroom walls in our small Colorado home. 

However, he saw my work of art and raised a smile to my success. 

I took an approach that I now teach in order to accomplish the vision on the wall- Baby steps meets bridge strategy. 

Baby steps simply requires taking the next small step on the path towards building your bridge from where you are to where you want to be. 

Yet, even with baby steps, this podcast launch is feeling…messy. 

But I HAVE to remind myself that it’s ALL been messy….and glorious.

Building the website, blog, email funnels, influence, challenges, and groups- learning it from scratch has ALL been messy AND awesome. 

Forever a student I’ll be, and I am grateful to be four years down the path from brain-dumping on my bedroom wall. 

I’m grateful for the skills I’ve learned to become a writer. 

Additionally, I’m so freaking grateful for each of the moms in our Mom on the Climb Tribe & our followers.

More so, I’m grateful for the experience, strength, and hope that they bring to our space.

Most of all, I’m honored & grateful & so excited to be telling their stories on Mom on the Climb Stories Podcast

~Real moms sharing their untold motherhood stories to elevate the vibration of us all. 

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“Not only is this story personal and unique, it’s  also raw, unfiltered, and uplifting, and shares a once untraditional now traditional  way of creating a family!” -Christina Bond-Reynolds 

I want to thank you for your presence here, & I hope this story warmed your heart & filled your soul. 

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