So…..I’m THAT mom that didn’t like to “play” with her kids…..

Before you start judging me and think I’m a terrible person, hear me out.

I think if we get real, some of us can relate to not being “in the mood” to use our imagination and get on our hands and knees and play with plastic toys for hours every day.

And that’s okay that that’s not our strength.

Some people are good like that, my husband is one of those people; he has always been the parent that “plays”, whether it’s safari animals, barbies, baseball, or a nerf war, the man can get down with the best of kids.

Shaun and I complement each other because we are well balanced between the two of us, and one of us is usually strong in an area the other lacks strength or stamina.

I’m good at the nurturing, the guiding and caring, the organizing and planning, the patience, and the long talks and behavior modification.

However, as I’ve been on a healing journey and doing mindset work, leaning into gratitude has led me to a new appreciation for playtime.

Four years ago, we had no idea if Kadyn would live past birth or what his quality of life would be like.

Today, we celebrate the words he speaks, because we never knew if he would speak.

Today, we celebrate play and imagination, because we worked hard to get here.

Here’s some images of our Sunday morning play together! 😍

Poppy and Branch visited the savanna and rode elephants!

I LOVE watching him use his imagination, and I’m grateful for each of these moments.

And I’m grateful that mood is a hackable state of mind and feeling!

I’m curious….which mom are you……the playtime fun on the floor, or something else? What’s your strength, and is mood ever an issue for you?

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