This blog was birthed during my son’s five hundred day neonatal intensive care unit stay. Most of this content in the first couple of years was my personal journey of growth as he was growing & healing.

As I grew, and my son grew, so did this blog, as well as the mission and vision. For that reason, I have put all posts from that time period in “Archives”, and I pivoted to offering current and relevant content, value, resources, and solutions to help you elevate in your journey.

I’ve walked through hell on Earth, multiple times.

I’ve climbed some mountains, lived in some valleys, and realized that it’s not about me and my journey, it’s about elevating the consciousness and experiences of humanity.

As my baby came home from the hospital, and I’ve come home to my true self, the content from three or four years ago is no longer relative.

I do still want to share this journey, however, finding ways to honor our son’s privacy and our healing journey has been of utmost importance to me, and for that reason, I have closed “Archives” of our old post updates for a new vision…..

This fall, join me on Kindle Vella as I tell our story in a unique fashion- short episodes that tie in lessons in collaborative medicine for parents, medical staff, and hospital administrators alike.

I believe that our journey can be a survival guide & roadmap for others, so I hope you will allow my stories to elevate you.

We are moms on the climbs of life, and we believe our journeys can be a survival guide & roadmap for others. Let our stories elevate you on your climbs and help guide your path.

Mom on the Climb Podcast Mission

Happy reading and stay tuned! Xoxo