This raw & real post about a release of mom-guilt for a greater quality of life is told as a story- which is the best way to share our journeys, in my opinion.

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Love-Support note to mom to release guilt

Dear Mom,

My first recommendation for releasing mom guilt is to give yourself permission to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to ditch the guilt ASAP. How do we do that? That’s the big question, right?

Mom guilt is caused by different things for all of us, so releasing it will look different for each of us. Give yourself permission to be different than your sister.

Honor what your journey has been that has brought you to adopt the protector and other parts of you that keep you safe.

I encourage you to strongly and boldly see guilt for what it is….a USELESS emotion. Also acknowledge that you’re a mom now, so you don’t have time or energy for useless guilt, if you want a greater quality of life.

Feelings of “not enough” or inadequacy or fear of making wrong choices are all signs that we may have been trained through life circumstances.

However, we have to let it all go if we want to live a greater quality of life.

Additionally, trust that you CAN reprogram your mind and mental pathways, altering your reality. 

Confidently, I believe that most emotions are “useful” as information….but not guilt; it’s just terrorizing & self-abusive.

Instead, I recommend to let the “failure” teach us a lesson, and we keep going, smarter & better informed than before. 

You have no way of going back in time and changing the past, but you CAN absolutely find new ways of living to avoid future pain and achieve success in the areas you desire. Acceptance of future hope is a beautiful step towards the release of mom-guilt.

Moreover, you get to choose what belief systems you hold.

I believe it would serve you well to view your circumstances as an opportunity for learning. Set your mental path that direction. Use your fear of future failure to drive you towards things like prevention, & gratitude for life lessons.

So if you feel you failed or fell short in some area:

Some will tell you you didn’t fail- to appease your guilt. I would tell you that failures are a beautiful opportunity for growth. So choose to grow through this instead of live in a guilty frame of mind…..because the outcome is different.

I have come to believe through my medical motherhood journey that this is life school. We are only on this planet temporarily, and that the things that happen in life are our lessons, the people being our assignments. You get another assignment to try again later today, and tomorrow, until we are out of time. 

Why am I telling you this? To help you release mom-guilt, of course.

Because I think it would serve ALL moms to understand that whether an event is our fault or not is irrelevant, because the lesson is here nonetheless. The opportunity to grow or stay the same is here. What are you going to do about it?

…Often the obstacle in front of us is actually our opportunity given to us by a greater part of us. Trust that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. Also trust that you’re being guided, and you will surely see your guilt fade.

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With Love as my guide,

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