Do you believe stress is bad for you? 🤔

We all experience stress from time to time, and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing….

Our bodies are built to be able to handle a certain level of stress; we even have a receptor in our heart that can take the hormones caused by stress and use it to repair the heart and the body!!

(I’ve saved an awesome Ted Talk on this, so let me know if you would like the link!)

It’s when we don’t know how to cope with the stress and don’t know how to take care of our minds and our bodies that stress becomes a struggle for us and can even cause heart disease and death!!

“Just keep grinding” is NOT the best approach to living life. That idea and practice may serve you for a time, but it’s certainly not sustainable to living a long, happy and fulfilled life. trust me, I’ve tried. I believe we were meant for more than to just “survive” life.

As we are looking at ways of making 2021 awesome “in spite of” all the obstacles, we are doing it the hard way if we are ignoring the topic of mental wellness.

“But I don’t struggle with mental illness.”

Or sometimes I hear, “My mental wellness is actually pretty good, except for my pain…. and I have trouble sleeping….and I’m constipated and nauseated often, and I can’t have dairy….”

My question then is, “How’s that working for you- not letting that affect your mental wellness and your ability to show up and give 100% to the people and the projects and the passions in your life?

If it affects your life in any way shape or form, it effects your wellness as a whole.

So real talk time…..

How are you doing with stress resilience and mental wellness? Scale of 1-10?

Are you at the top of your game all the time, focused, sharp, energized, THRIVING?

If not….zero judgment here….

But self-awareness awareness is a powerful tool!!!

So, what’s your number on a scale of 1-10? How resilient are you feeling?

Okay, you’ve got your current number?

Need help deciding? Take a five minute mental wellness assessment here, and then come back to hear my top three hacks for raising your number and level of health, wellness, and happiness.

Okay so assuming you have your current number, let’s proceed.

Now, what number would you like to be at?

Okay, you’ve got that number?

Now let’s reverse engineer your life to attain such a number.

We will do that by bridging the gap from your current number to the desired number.

Ready? Let’s go.

Hack #1 for beating stress- Make stress your friend.

We’ve been programmed to believe that stress is bad for us, but what science and research shows is that our body has the capability to use stress and the horomones like adrenaline and dopamine that come with stress to heal our body and help us overcome difficult circumstances.

Research shows that stress is only physiologically bad for the human body if that body BELIEVES that stress is bad for them. You can watch an interesting talk on this here.

In this case, like so many others, mindset can save your life….literally.

Hack #2 for beating stress- Heal your gut microbiome!

Did you know that your gut houses over one TRILLION bacteria that are all in charge of various things, like food tolerances, hormone production, immune function, and lots of other stuff, including STRESS-RESILIENCE!

Gratefully, we live in 2021 where the research is growing by the day in proof of this, and the hacks and resources are becoming household needs.

Here is my personal favorite hack for healing the gut microbiome in order to heal the body’s illnesses and diseases, as well as increase stress resilience.

Disclaimer- I am an affiliate with this company, which means I believe in their products, programs, and people, have joined in partnership with them to serve my audience, and will stand by my recommendation to you. This also means that if you purchase with my link after doing some research, I’ll receive a small commission, at no additional charge to you!

This is a link for THE mental wellness company and the products that will help increase your stress resilience tenfold.

Here’s a deep dive into Stress and it’s relation to mental wellness! Enjoy!

I share because I believe in paying it forward, and I’m forever grateful to the woman that shared this with me!

Hack #3 for beating stress- Resource toolbox!

Seems simple and obvious enough in its explanation, but it’s more difficult in its execution unless you’ve got friends or are a research junkie.

Each person is different, so you have to decide what’s in your resources bag to pull from.

My favorite resources for overcoming or refocusing stressful energy include breathing exercises, meditations from Gabrielle Bernstein or Headspace, reading scripture, recalibration my physical energy with exercise or my Healy, and supplements like Mood+ Or Edge.

If you get stuck on this part, join my Inner Circle Clan to receive live guidance from me, a small communit6 of like-minded mamas, weekly prompts to go inward, and a resource library that is always growing to serve you.

This was a lot covered, so let’s recap:

  • “Just keep grinding” is not a winning strategy to sanity and success.
  • Stress is only bad for you if you BELIEVE that stress is bad for you.
  • You can use Christina’s top 3 hacks for beating stress to bridge the gap between your current rating of mental wellness to your desired level of mental wellness.
    Support is vital, so getting immersed in a community with resources can help you thrive!

I hope you found this valuable and can help you elevate in your journey. Feel free to contact me to connect deeper!

With love as my guide,