Moving from fear to love in a mere three streps sounds tricky at best, but hang with me and I’ll show you how to reprogram yourself in three steps.

Undoubtedly, the ups and downs of our journeys often bring us to unexpected places….some of them are scary.

Whatever place you are in today, trust that everything is working out for your highest good

I get that trust and faith can be hard, and kind of……elusive

Like….what does it even look like to live in a state of being led by faith instead of the fear that we’ve grown comfort and familiar with? 

I’ve found that it takes just a few steps to move from where we are to where we want to be, in this convo, it’s from fear to love….which is life.

First step to move from fear to love- witnessing with love. 

This is everything, because nothing improves if nothing changes, and nothing changes until we take inventory & ownership of what’s ours, and what’s not. 

Important to note, judgement seems to seriously stunt this growth process, so I invite you to spend more time in self care, self love, self grace while in self assessment

With love is an equally important part to the equation of witnessing with love.

Witness your words, thoughts, feelings, & actions as though you are watching your human body, and as though they are not deeply significant…they are mere consequence of habit and programming from experience on Earth. 

Witness what you do and say, but witness without judgement, just love. 
Notice. In baby steps. Your self. 

Step two- Face the enemy of your fears. 

Fear looks different for everyone, and manifests different for everyone. 

For me, fear looks like repeating old patterns. It looks like anger and disappointment. The root of it looks like abandonment. It feels like the burden of regret. 

It sounds like a trap. It functions like a prison, keeping out the light, and separating all the bad, hiding hurt parts away from the rest of the whole. 

If you want an elevated mind & life, search your heart & body; find your wounds & light them up, like a search & destroy machine ready to tear up anything not fueling you & serving you. Face your fears to overcome. 

Replace fear with curiosity and you will no longer be confused by your own self or circumstances.

Step three: Return to Love to power you towards progress.

Love feels like a return to truth. ❤️

It perseveres, regardless of circumstance. 

It shines light on the delusion of permanence.

It welcomes grace where judgement previously resided. 

Love conquers past transgressions. 

It paves the way for self-preservation in accordance with it’s soul’s purpose. 

It walks in Divine guidance. 

It allows for releasing of the past in preparation for a better future. 

It’s Love that frees the self previously held prisoner by fear.

Do whatever you must to get closer to love, closer to gratitude, closer to forgiveness, closer to joy…..because Love feels better that fear.

And produces a better outcome. 

Once you grasp and implement these three steps of witnessing self (and others) with love, facing your fear, and returning to love to power you towards progress, it’s only a matter of time before you feel made new.

Tools to help move from fear to love….

…..because when you have resources that guide you, your journey can quickly become elevated, your quality of life greatly improving.

Grab my 5 tools to elevate your life.

Love letter to self to help move from fear to love

Please feel welcome to borrow my “self-love letter” to mood & mind boost your way up the vibrational ladder to a better quality of life as you reprogram your self: 

Dear self,

You are strong. 
You are brave. You are loved. You are held. You have overcome. 
You live in great blessings.
Your soul is eternal, therefore the truest part of you is eternal.

You are not what your neighbor says you are. 
You are not what you mate says you are. 

You are not even what you say you are. 

Release it all, and under the release rests the truth…..who the Divine knows you as.

Find her. Love her. Nurture her. Be her. ✨🙏


Your guided self 

Thank you for letting me into your life to share my hopes, inspiration, strengths, and expertise with you.

With Love as my guide, 

Christina Reynolds

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