“Miracles are seen in light. I choose to see in light, and bring light with me everywhere.”
-Gabrielle Bernstein

My favorite experiences recently with the MIRACLE of releasing the fear of the physical world and embracing the realm of light are related to a guided meditation by Gabby B.

I purchased an album of hers awhile back with about a dozen tracks; I love them ALL, but the “Meditation for lifting the veil” has to be one of my favorites!

She guides this meditation with piano music and her voice- encouraging deep, gentle, cleansing breaths to start.

As I close my eyes and listen to the music and the sound of her voice, I envision myself in my mind’s eye standing on the edge of a bridge.

I am guided and reminded that however the bridge appears to me is perfect. It can be made of any material, it can arch high above the ground, or stay low to the ground.

I look over my shoulder and I can see a dark cloud.

I know intuitively that this cloud represents my perception of the physical world and the fear that goes along with it.

I turn my head to look back in front of me.

Across the bridge, I can see a bright, shimmering light.

The light has a warm energetic pull, and I feel drawn to it.

I inhale slowly and deeply.

Exhale completely.

With each breath, I surrender to the powerful and loving energy of this shimmering light.

I allow the light to gently pull me forward.

I take a step onto the bridge, and I start to walk across it.

With each step, I leave the shadowy cloud behind me.

With each step, I breathe In and out peacefully.

As I approach the other end of the bridge, I realize that the dark shadows of the physical realm have lifted.

When I glance over my shoulder, I no longer see darkness.

I inhale deeply and step off the bridge.

I exhale completely as I enter the realm of light.

Inhale deeply.

Exhale completely.

Light is all I see.

Glowing, glimmering, warm light.

Surrounded by this light, I am no longer connected to my physical body…..

I am a force field of love.

I am free and powerful.

I am completely at ease.

I am fully taken care of.

I am loved.

I feel no attachment to my past, and I am not afraid of my future.

In this moment, I am light. ✨

I stand in the light for as long as I desire.

I allow the light to restore me and bring me back to my truth.

As I stand in the light, breathing peacefully, I recite this prayer back to myself:

“Miracles are seen in light. I choose to see and light, and bring light with me everywhere.”

This prayer affirms how I want to feel.

I open my eyes to the room.

I am guided to free write about my experience standing in the light, and the miracle of releasing the fear of the physical world, and embracing the realm of light.

This exercise is of great significance to me because it connects me to who I truly am.

I allow myself to free write and let my pencil flow:

I am chosen. I am bold. I am brave. I am fierce. I am guided. I am supported. I am here in this world for a purpose. Fear and hiding serves no one. Take action with the bravery that’s been given to me and practiced in my life thus far. Take courage with the faith in the vision that has been revealed to me. Just keep climbing. Every step is one step closer.

“Miracles are seen in light. I choose to see in light and bring light with me everywhere I go.”

2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of sound mind.