Contentment is a tricky thing.

Finding joy and contentment in the midst of life’s struggles is often a struggle in itself.

The problem with waiting for things to get easier, simpler, or better before you start enjoying life is that there will always be setbacks, even after advances…. that’s just the rollercoaster of life.

You will absolutely run out of time if you wait to be happy until your circumstances are ideal or perfect.

Remember that struggle produces a strength and endurance that you cannot develop when life is easy and simple and better.

So how do we transfer that knowledge to our day-to-day life when we feel like life sucks?

It’s simple and hard- intentional mindset has to be set every day.

We have to decide each morning that we will be joyful reguardless of our circumstances or struggles, that no one has power over our mind but ourselves, and that we are able to overcome anything that comes our way, because our strength is greater than our struggle.

You accept where you are at, but have hope for the future.

Doing this without support is difficult and I would advise against it.

We are human. We get hungry and tired and frustrated and hurt and all the other human emotions that come with experiencing life.

Expecting ourselves to have all the answers or to overcome any obstacle alone is the hardest way to try to succeed.

Life will always be complicated. Choose happiness anyways. 💖