It’s not often that we easily know how our tough times can become most elevating for our lives, but if you hang with me for just a few minutes, I’d like to offer something epic.

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I’m going to be strait with you….. it’s been one of those weeks….those weeks where personal vibration is off and somehow you start experiencing sh*t all around….

Truthfully, it’s been one of the hardest weeks I’ve had in a couple of years.

However, I’ve found that HARD often leads the way for BETTER. Why?

Because hard makes clear which doors are open, which are closed, and which I want to walk through.

Hard times allow for expansions that I wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

I am reminded that GROWTH comes from the climb, which comes with the journey.

Yes, it has been a HARD week. Yet, it’s reminded me that I’m hardcore and can do hard things.

My journey has proven that I CAN overcome the circumstances testing me.

I CAN become new with perspective, gratitude, and grace.

Additionally, I CAN find the faith inside of me to trust that all things are always working out for me, so the hard is part of the good.

I went on a tangent with you, so I want to get back to the purpose of this writing, but if you haven’t been your cheerleader like that in awhile, this is your sign that it’s okay (& necessary) to remind yourself that you are a badass

Truth bomb……It’s actually no one’s job to convince you but you. #BeYourOwnHero

I’d love to support you during this journey of motherhood with an epic event! This virtual Summit will tangibly show you HOW your good & tough times can become elevating- with tools, hacks, support, inspiration, resources, & more!

There is a virtual Summit I’ve been working on that can help you jump start, (or reignite), elevating you during your tough times, good times, and everything in between.

Virtual Summit for moms to refill their wellness bucket

If you haven’t heard, I postponed Fill Your Bucket Day, which was originally scheduled for 02.23.2023.

My heart broke a little when I postponed, but it was what my family needed when unforseen circumstances hit our lives.

Virtual Summit event for moms to fill their self care bucket


I pray our attendees and supporters will handle me with care and grace as I navigate some changes in my life, and reschedule this event that I anticipate will be bigger and better than what would have been.

All. Good. Things. To. Come.

Speaking of overcoming & elevating during tough times….

Hal Elrod- best selling author and speaker- has said that to achieve anything of greatness- be it overcoming illness, disease, or a difficult experience, or a career change- you only need decide to have these two things:

  1. Unwavering faith that the task at hand is important and is of the greatest good of all,
  2. Willingness to put forth extraordinary effort until the thing is done, the battle is won, the task complete.

I’m paraphrasing, but that’s basically the jist of it.

The “how” of becoming elevated during tough times

Disclaimer- This part of the post contains affiliate links to the two books I mention, so that you can find them easily, & I can feel good about introducing you to amazing, life-changing, game-changing resources. I ONLY recommend what I have personally used to elevate in my journey.

Christina Reynolds

When I first launched Fill Your Bucket– as a book, a movement, and a holiday, I took those words of wisdom by Hal Elrod in his book The Miracle Equation, and buried them in my heart… because that’s what Fill Your Bucket means to me.

I have UNWAVERING FAITH that this message and movement needs to be spread and is of greatest good for all….

…..Truthfully, if ALL moms adopted Fill Your Bucket as a strategy & tool, the ripple impact would be mind-blowing.

Furthermore, I too have a WILLINGNESS to put forth extraordinary effort until the movement is viral, the message has been spread, and motherhood has been elevated.

Until the thing is done.

How do you elevate the consciousness of the world?
By nurturing one mom at a time.

That. Is. Fill. Your. Bucket.

I hope you join me for the rescheduled virtual summit, exact date to follow.

You did not miss it. You can still attend. Invite your mom friends. Get excited! 

In the meantime, check out one of my new mugs! 👇👇 From my brain to this cup, this is Mom on the Climb Merch with a message!

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With Love as my guide,

Christina Bond-Reynolds

P.S. This is your friendly reminder to fill your cup, or as I say- fill your bucket.


Deanna · March 1, 2023 at 6:09 pm

Hugs momma it shows such extra spark for myself that you saw and did what family needed it’s a reminder to myself it’s ok if I have to do what’s right for family not what people want or expect me to do and I need that mug

    Christina Reynolds · March 2, 2023 at 5:32 pm

    Oh hugs to you, mama! I’m proud of you, and you are braver than you know! Thank you for your grace.

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