A random woman reached out to me this morning……

She said she is mom to four and six year old girls that love watching videos of my Kadyn, but are full of questions about why he looks as he does.

Not being a medical parent herself, she struggled to find the answers past, “the ventilator helps him breathe”.

What she did next was amazing!!

She reached out to me and asked!!

I was so taken back, that I sent her a couple voice messages to connect deeper.

Not all medical moms are created the same, or are at the same spot in their journey, so it’s good when people are aware that we may not be open to talking about the medical situation.

The best way to get a question answered is to ask respectfully if we are open to talking about it.

Bonus points if you say you are trying to teach your kids to be accepting of others that are different than they are.

This mom gets a million points in my book for wanting to teach her kids equality and healthy curiosity.

I encourage all non-medical-parents to teach your kids not to stare and point, but to smile and say “hi”!

…..Ask my kid if he wants to play.

Teach them to not say, “what’s wrong with you?”……

……And instead say things like, “Cool machine. What’s that for?”

Kadyn would respond, “Oh thanks! That’s my vent, it helps me breathe. We love that it help me and we give it hugs sometimes!”

Additionally, Kadyn would probably say something like, “do you like Peppa pig and Tom the Cat?” And a new friendship would be formed.

As for this mom, I applaud her bravery in reaching out to me, and I feel GOOD that we bridged a gap of information and raised awareness to four and six year old girls about how to be a good human.

A random woman reached out to me this morning, and a friendship was born.

We need more of this. Its FIRE!

Food for thought: Do YOU have a group of women that support and empower you?

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With Love as my guide,

Christina Reynolds