A long time ago, I used to be a drug addict. True story.

It’s not a part of my history I’m ashamed of; it’s a part of my human tapestry that I’m proud to have used as an opportunity for growth and expansion.

I have a secret I’m telling you today, and its about my current addiction to mental and spiritual enlightenment. The expansion is addictive! I can’t stop. And I won’t apologize.

Some recovering addicts go to daily or weekly recovery meeting for life, and good for them for continuing to do the same thing each day that kept them clean the day before; they are working the steps and building the relationships that serve them, over their addict relationships that allowed their breaks.

Support systems are vital to recovery, no matter what you are recovering from….

And as I’ve healed from trauma, become a medical mom and gained new trauma, and then learned to shed that too, I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter the disease, illness, or trauma, the treatment is the same at spiritual & mental levels, which deeply impact the physical plane.

I’m grateful enough to have found deeper healing the past few years that I never found in the rooms of NA or doctors or therapists offices, not because it didn’t exist there, but because my SELF couldn’t entertain what my SPIRIT was vibing with at that time with the support being offered…..

My journey continued.

The rooms of recovery kept me clean, and there, I met my husband; we fell in love and intertwined our families to where the two became five when joined with our children, connecting us deeper than I ever knew FAMILY could be joined. (Years later, we added a sixth!)

Our illnesses and circumstances at times has threatened to tear us apart, but we have a secret weapon, you see….

We have LOVE and a Higher Power, which does truly cover a multitude of sins, and is the only thing that shines light where the darkness is, and allows forgiveness to rein supreme where previously selfishness and fear ruled our human experience.

Today, I don’t FEAR relapse. I don’t even prevent against it with rules and regulations for my life….I have boundaries and spiritual practices, as well as daily habits for wellness, but fear of relapse is not even a thing around here.

Don’t get me wrong, fear has it’s place….

For instance, it’s good to have a healthy fear of the road as a driver….but the fear is only as good as it’s ability to guide you towards focus on life, safety, and the knowledge that guidance is all around you; if your fear leads you to anxiety, it’s not good.

Similarly, we can walk in fear of old living, thinking, and programming only to the extent that it helps us to expand our vision back to the truth and a return to love that if you accept, we will always be guided and supported.

Having moments of fear is part of the human experience, but walking in fear leads to anxiety, and I’ve lived there and it’s not my ideal state of being. In fact, it sucked.

But now, there is a stream of love within me, like my arteries or veins or lymphatics, and when I relax, surrender, and lean into joy, I can step into the flow.…

All I have to step is step back and allow, and let Source support me.

I breathe in recovery with each breath without thought, because I have released all resistance and programming, retrained neural pathways and turned off genes that create addiction, and turned on genes that allow me to walk in a different mind. (The science behind this is bonkers cool, so let me know if you are a research junkie like me and want to deep dive into Epigenetics, which is in basic explanation is the study of how cells control gene activity without changing the DNA sequence!)

I don’t drink, do drugs, smoke cigarettes, or vape anymore, and at one time I believed I was too broken to ever heal from the addictions that weighed me down.

But God is more powerful than my brokenness, His miracles too bright for my misunderstanding, His Word too True for my ignorance. His quantum field more dependable and predictable that my mind’s neural pathways and energetic inconsistencies.

My body has awakened to a new mind. And that, my friends, is the secret to my current addiction to mental and spiritual enlightenment. The expansion is addictive, in the best way possible.

The way I can feel my brain reorganizing itself, healing, clarifying…. It feels like…..

It feels like satisfaction, it feels like ease, it feels like fun, it feels like goodness, it feels like truth, it feels like readiness, it feels like everything is happening right on time.

When I’m in alignment, I feel ready for more.

When I’m in alignment, it feels like the Universe supports me.

When I’m in alignment, it feels natural and normal and easy to stay there.

When I’m in alignment, I feel satisfied with myself and my life.

When I’m in alignment, things manifest in front of me.

When I’m in alignment, I feel unlimited.

When I’m in alignment, I see myself and others through a different lense.

When I’m in alignment, I manage time and energy better.

When I’m in alignment, money flows to me, I savor food more, my thoughts are pleasing to me.

When I’m in alignment, I only have access to pleasing memories.

When I’m in alignment, I can feel the whole of me integrated with the Source energy in me.

When I’m in alignment, I know my power and well-being.

When I’m in alignment, I can find focus of thought easily and use it for production.

My family may actually think I’ve checked into another mental reality, and I have. I have checked into the reality that when I get aligned before I take any action, magic happens, and it feels GOOD.

It has become my eternal quest to give up what I need to give up in order to spend more time in alignment, putting down all beliefs, thoughts, and actions that don’t serve me.

This is my journey, and I get to decide how I want it to go. I get to dream again and be the artist of my experience! Do you understand how EPIC and LIFE-CHANGING THIS IS?!

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Christina Bond-Reynolds