Queen of ditching baggage here to show you exactly how to release the past self to embrace the new and TRUE self.

It’s not about BECOMING anyone….It’s about releasing anything that isn’t truly you.

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Recently, I finished a 21 day Body Love Challenge by Gabrielle Bernstein!

It was sooo good, but then again, her challenges always are! I’m actually modeling my future challenges after hers, but that’s another story!

If you would have asked me before the challenge if I LOVE my body, I would have said…..

I don’t hate my body by any means, but….LOVE is a strong four letter word….

And now…….

I would say…..

I love that my body has overcome obstacles, injuries, diseases, and illnesses. I do love that.

I love that my lungs as a baby were strong enough to scream for help when I was left for dead until help arrived. My body, even as a baby, kept me alive. I love that.

I love that my brain as a child had the capacity to block out certain memories that would harm my psyche.

I love that my brain has since repaired from such traumas.

I love my body today because when I was dead for eight minutes in my twenties, my heart started beating again and my lungs started breathing again. Wow. That’s cool.

I love that my body, over time, repaired from the trauma of that overdose.

I love that I found physical solutions to my mental issues, and now my microbiome has changed and my gut is better- meaning my anxiety and depression are gone, and my mental wellness is stellar.

I love that I am learning to harness my energy now.

I love that my body is a vessel for healing & love.

I love that my breasts produced milk for my babies, even if just for a small time.

I love that my body pleases my husband to see.

I love that my body is able to stretch in yoga, and sit in silence.

I love that my body is able to flush out toxins.

I love that my mouth can speak the words my brain puts together, (sometimes).

I love that when I focus, magic happens in and around my body.

I love that words flow from my mind & soul, through my hands, and onto paper. My body is cool like that. ✍️

I love that my body is no longer addicted to the components that once consumed me.

I love that I can hear my spirit’s intuitive nudge to back off or speed up, or speak up, or shut up. I am guided.

My cells are guided.

My thoughts are guided.

My internal radio is guided.

I believe this is called mind/body/soul alignment….


Just had to share.

Getting here has been a journey, & here’s the map to get from where you are, to where you want to be.

Step 1~ Recognize what you can no longer afford to hold, & release.

  • “I am tired of myself and how I feel”. When you say I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired, that’s a facilitator of change. You can no longer afford to feel like garbage.
  • I cannot afford to have my life controlled by someone else, or have a life that’s basically controlled by my emotions.
  • I cannot afford to wait until I feel motivated. Saying, “I’ll wait until I feel motivated to take action”, keeps me stuck longer than saying, “I’ve got to do the thing so that I feel like it.”
  • “One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery over oneself.” Da Vinci. I can no longer afford to not have mastery over myself; I cannot afford to be at the whim of my mood or addiction or habits. It costs me too much.

I encourage you to grab a sticky note or journal, and write about what you can no longer hold onto.

Da Vinci did great things without his life, and like so many others, I want to do great things with mine….

If that’s the game that I’m playing…..if I can construct my belief system…..if I can choose at any moment to believe some thing that’s more empowering than I was believing the moment before, that energy will find its way into my actions and allow me to do things I couldn’t do before.

I’ve come to believe the very fundamental purpose of life is to find our truest self, the self that is not layered in trauma or abuse or debt or illness, the self that is your soul that goes deeper than our five senses.

Christina Bond-Reynolds

I’ve come to believe that the very fundamental purpose of life is to find our way to our path of least resistance and most allowing, to find out what my skills are and put them to the test, in service to something greater than myself.

Step 2 ~ Take back power & energy

The first thing I had to do was stop focusing on others, and instead, focused on being a better version of myself each day, not the best, because that’s not possible, and it’s a pretty ambiguous desire, but a baby step better than yesterday I can do each day. 

How many times have you said, ”why am I always struggling with the same circumstance? The same person, the same finances, the same illness?”

It starts with me, and it can end with me. It starts with you, and it can end with you.

Step 3~ Skill up to level up

Somewhere along the way, I started to think of life like a game, like a video game…. and until you pass a level, you say stuck on the same level until you learn how to overcome the obstacles on that level…..

….If you keep failing, you keep repeating the level.

I feel the same is true of life. When we’re refusing to learn a lesson that smacking us in the face over and over, we are doing ourself a disservice.

Figuring out how to overcome the unique circumstance on each level is part of the fun of the game and what makes it satisfying when you make it to a higher level….

….I found the same is true of life.

But just like in a video game, where you have to learn the verbiage or you’re lost in translation, you have to surround yourself in life with people who have accomplished what you want to accomplish, and immerse yourself in the culture of achievement.

Steps in Action~ the looks of it….

Steps one and two are vibrational, intentional, and internal, which makes them ultra powerful! This can be done in one sitting, or take years…that timeline piece is up to you & your willingness.

Step three is where the physical manifestation of your desires happens. Change occurs when we step out of the personality we have been and step into the personality we desire for a new personal reality.

How does it work?

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten”; This isn’t philosophy, as this can be tangibly proven in research in science and relates to how our body works.

Let’s hack our minds with facts quick.

It is said in the scientific world, specifically in neurology, genetics, & neuropsychology, that nerve cells that fire together are wired together….

Why does this knowledge matter??

Most people are trying to create a new reality with the same personality and it doesn’t work, you literally have to become different…..

… Or you create the same experiences, create the same emotions and feelings and thoughts that stamp the same network of neurons into the same patterns, all for the familiar feeling that is you, and if you do that for years on end, you have programmed yourself and are now hardwired with certain patterns that become our identity.

This is the habit of being ourselves, running programs that are us…

We have to become disentangled with these programs.

We have to decide to do some thing differently.

But most people don’t want to face the unpredictability and the uncertainty because the lack of known is uncomfortable. They would rather be able to predict who they are going to be than attempt to live in the world of possibilities and uncertainty.

Now, change sounds nice…. at a distance, but the reason we get messed up is when we try to put that into practice, because of our hardwired programming, our body is now in habits.

Our bodies are usually either conditioned into the familiar past or hardwired in the predictable future because we wake up every day and run through the same series of actions, allow ourselves to go down the same thought paths, creating same actions, emotions, etc……

It feels different and uncomfortable and they excuse themselves and smoke a cigarette, phone a friend, have a drink, and decide in a second they would rather feel guilty or justify with excuses why they are how they are. This was me for so long!

How to use this knowledge: Grab a support system & tangible resource to elevate through your experience.

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Evangeline Walker · July 27, 2022 at 1:40 am

This was truly amazing and inspirational, coming from a person who spent the greater part of 20 years hating their body.. <3

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