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The process for healing is not mainstreamed, yet it is legitimate and it starts in the mind.

Step one: process in your own way

Do you ever email yourself to clear your head, or or is that just me?

Everyone has a ”process” for taking in and managing information, & finding solutions, even if that looks different than others around you, and even if you aren’t acutely aware of your process, I’d bet you still have one.

I consider myself a writer at heart because writing is how I process, it’s how I connect the dots, it’s how I reclaim my truth and power, it’s how I enjoy a rainy day, & it’s how I can authentically receive guidance.

Funny story…..

When I had this Divine download this morning while trying to receive higher guidance, I had zero notebooks nearby, so I opened my email app quickly to record my downloads.

Because I took that step, I received from something bigger than I previously had vibrational access to.

Some people listen to music or drive or work out. You finding your best process is a journey of evolution.

If you are practiced or familiar in your process, use it.

If you are not familiar or practiced, thats okay! Baby steps.

You are welcome to borrow or adopt my process for getting guidance, in this case- on the topic of how to heal when others’ are hurting, or if helping is even best.

When others are hurting, it can be easy to ignore our needs or feelings, but it’s vital to everyone that we process instead of ignore.

This was my “download” after asking the Divine how to heal and what to do for those hurting around me:

Christina Reynolds Ripple Impact
10:15 AM (1 hour ago)
to me

Step two: heal what you can, then bless & release.

Heal what you can, and then let them hurt if they must, and trust that they too are being guided. 

Inner Guide

I know that feels counterintuitive as a mom to let someone stay in pain, but I believe that the good woman doesn’t take away all pain……

……She is strong enough to let others experience what they are experiencing, even if it triggers her or makes her hurt. 

We have come to dislike pain, and to crave comfort. But it’s through comfort that we find boredom and a stifled spirit. 

The soul yearns for expansion, & expansion is not usually created in spaces of conformation; it’s created in spaces of difference, of contrast, of newness of paradigm. 

We can offer all the pain “relief” to keep our loved ones comfortable, and under the right circumstances, that is necessary and good and pure and holy.

Not only that, but if I am to live authentic to my calling to “live like Jesus”, I have to take account for the fact that Jesus healed many, but he didn’t take away all the pain of the world.
That wasn’t what he was tasked with, was it? 

The Bible doesn’t say, “Jesus came to take away the pain of the world”. 

Jesus came to be a living example of embodying a Holy Spirit in human form. 

Jesus came to love and to heal. 

Jesus came to redeem and take away the sins of the world, according to religious & sacred text.

Under some circumstances, relieving pain is good; under other circumstances, keeping someone out of pain does the opposite of healing. 

In my early twenties, the physical or mental pain was my trigger to self medicate, or go to the doctor to get medications. 

Numbing the pain wasn’t the solution though, & ultimately led to addiction and more pain.

When I tore my ACL and had reconstruction in 2016, the pain was my indicator of how far I could push myself in rehab, and my indicator of when I needed to rest. I adopted ”sucker for pain” as my mantra, deciding that I would use the pain as fuel for recovery, and therefore grew to not fear the pain.

Not letting our loved ones feel their pain is stopping them from the expansion that their soul is craving. 

I don’t believe there is much for “pain” in the afterlife. Depending on your beliefs, you may believe like I do that there will be no pain in the afterlife. 

So how does a soul in the afterlife expand?

I don’t think it does; that is part of the beauty of Earth school…. The realms of opportunities for expansion. 

I believe souls come to Earth for expansion. And if that is true, then it can also be believed that protecting one from pain is shielding them from greater expansion.

Freud says that the good mother necessarily fails & allows opportunities for pain, with the understanding that keeping them close and away from failure would suffocate the soul of it’s need for adventure and expansion. (I’m paraphrasing). 

So….that’s all good and well when it comes to parenting theory, but what about the physical and practical pain; don’t we have an obligation to help ease pain? 

Moms everywhere

Absolutely. If we have people in our lives, young or old, we can trust that they are our divine assignments in this life school; it’s our honor & duty to do no harm and to care for them according to the leading of our inner guide.

 I believe that learning practical ways to heal in 2022 is our honor and obligation.

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Pain buttons: The empathy & ego buttons

Our pain “pushes our buttons” and often leads us to behave in ways we wouldn’t, had the pain not been a factor.

Example: we are less tolerant of children bickering when we have a migraine, and may snap at them to be quiet. The pain led us to act in a way we wouldn’t have without the stimulus.

Others’ pain pushes our buttons too, but somehow we are not supposed to be triggered by it because it’s not technically our pain.

For example: our kid is in pain, which makes us crazy and irritable, or we don’t eat, sleep, or hydrate until they are well and comfortable, telling our inner guide to ”suck it up, sister”.

To move forward, its important to ask yourself- “first, what kind of student am I, and second, is this ego or empathy?

What kind of student are you? 

Are you the back row, arrogant, know-it-all that just wants to control the room- pain and all? 

Are you the caregiver at heart, wanting everyone to live their best life, only in life school to learn how to do your future best?

Are you a student that just loves learning?

Self-awareness can be a great teacher.

You can trust that if someone is in pain near you, this is a divine assignment and appointment, not just as an opportunity to love and heal someone else, but also, for you to show yourself what you are made of….

Does their pain cause them to snap at you? How do you respond?  

Do you feel guilty for your irritation that they are triggering wounds in you? 

Do you feel tired, and bad for wanting to be done with this part of your adventure just so you can rest? 

“What kind of woman am I to be thinking of myself when they are in pain?”

Answer: a human one, on a spiritual journey of expansion. 

That’s the true answer, but probably not the one you formulated for yourself when I asked those questions.

We are in life school, our circumstances are our assignments, our feelings & emotions are our internal guidance system.

So when you witness yourself with love and realize you are rooted in empathy OR ego OR both- it’s ALL alright- it’s ALL another lesson learned in your life school for your soul’s expansion.

You can’t get it wrong and you’ll never get it done.

Abraham Hicks

How to: do the healing

The way to start healing is to just take the first step of being willing to witness self and then choose again to either do the same thing consistently, or do something new.

The way to learn the right things to do is to go on a journey of education.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. When it comes to investing, nothing will pay off more than educating yourself.

Benjamin Franklin

Because all of my favorite heroes in the world are readers, I adopted a love of reading. Here are my best picks for helping you process, heal, and live your best life.

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My wish for you

So, my greatest prayer and wish for you is that you accept the paradigm shift and believe that this is Earth school and your relationships are lessons designed for your highest elevation.

Decide not to fear the pain, but to use it as fuel for your recovery and quest for healing.

Become a learner from life and lover of education- if not claiming it for the first time, expanding its hold on you.

Your journey doesn’t have to be a grind to the top of a mountain of destination; it can be a climb to new & elevated views.

Christina Reynolds

I hope this serves you. Please comment your thoughts, (as I do read them), and share this with your people.

With Love as my guide,

Christina Reynolds