If you feel like a burned-out, hot-mess mom, you are NOT alone, so why do moms feel so lonely?

While doing research for my book Fill Your Bucket for Busy Moms, I noticed that, (gratefully), there is a ton of support for moms during the postpartum time, but what about those moms have been in this game for a while and are just burned-out now??

What I found from research is what I had grown to feel from experience: the stigma, (& guilt), is strong.

“My kids are not babies anymore; shouldn’t I feel better by now? Shouldn’t I have figured out my feelings and emotions & health & life by now? Sure, I’m always running someone somewhere or being a caregiver to somebody, but I shouldn’t I feel better by now?”

Any mom everywhere

Or worse….we grow to believe that our new normal is to feel bad, to feel sick and anxious, believing there is no more feeling good.

This was my story for quite some time as I stumbled painfully and aimlessly for years before learning that I could feel better any time I grabbed a resource or support system, & I learned new ways to elevate my life experience by tuning in and tapping in around me.

Because I identified as a”busy mom”, I believed there was never enough of me to go around…..

At one point, I even felt like maybe I got myself in too deep, and I cried at the thought that maybe I wasn’t cut out for this motherhood gig.

And then, everything changed.

I allowed paradigm shifts along the way of my journey that allowed me new beliefs, like: feeling good is not only “okay” as a mom, but necessary for the health and wellness of those around me.

When I made the first tiny baby step changes, I noticed that it positively impacted my kids.

I practiced, I allowed, I released, I adopted new, I created, I acted, and then….

At thirty-seven years of age, I released my first ebook holding the ten best practices in self-wellness that can be achieved in ten minutes or less for the moms that aren’t flush with time & energy.

This book- Fill Your Bucket for Busy Moms helps breaks the beliefs that wellness and personal care has to be time-consuming, expensive, & selfish, and offers solutions to your hassles of constraints and unknowing.

Search for this ebook in the Amazon search bar or click here to access, and gift to yourself or another mama in need.

Did you know there is a show I created & produced to go along with the concept of this book?!

You can access this show for FREE on our page called Suck It Fill My Bucket Show and start elevating your life right now.

Why am I STILL peddling this message & movement?

Answer: Because moms are STILL lonely and empty.

I will stop when ALL moms have access to the resources and support they need.

Grab Fill Your Bucket for Busy Moms now, and start & share the video series with a mom in need of elevation.

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This is the only mom group I’m in. After I was added to this group, I saw what a real mom group was supposed to be! I left all of the others because there was so much drama and negativity. This group is so uplifting and positive. It’s a safe place to ask for help and vent without being judged. 💜💗 I’m so thankful to be a part of this group!”

Abby Roberts

The unity, support, love, connections, bonds, and raw honesty we share! We all want to see other Momma’s succeed and support them in their individual journey! No matter the beginning, the middle, we are all in the same boat!

Maechelle Stephens

When I couldn’t go anywhere else, I was able to come here. It’s more than just a Tribe. It’s my life jacket! And I’m a horrible swimmer!

Jessica Jean Jahner

I love the wonderful women who rally behind me on my hardest days and help me find the strength to keep being the best mom I can… and remind me to also take care of me… because I suck at that

Hailey Marette Bailey

The love. The support. The prayers. The swearing along with us on a tough day. The REALness. I dont have to pretend to be someone I’m not in this group.

Jenny McQuiston

It’s the best group l have ever experienced 🔥💯💖

Yasmine Gulzar

It’s a great space where moms can come to vent, to be sad, to share joy or get advice, judgement free.

Nichole Worden

I feel safe here and understood. It’s so great to have a place where I can really open up about stuff and not fear judgement

Jessica Evanenko

I feel like this is a safe and amazing friend group. You are all my girls that will give it to me honest

Stephanie Polcyn

I don’t post much, but I read daily. It just brings me comfort & calm… everyone is kind… Christina & team -you do good every day for us. Much love. ❤

Jill Schafer

I absolutely love the raw openness that some of these Mommas are willing to share among us ❤️I have not once felt judged or unwelcomed! Plus it’s really just amazing to feel like you have a village behind you because motherhood is no joke and can be lonely. I love every single Momma I’ve come across on here so far. 🥰

Mercedez Rojas

I love how supportive and caring the tribe is! These ladies are here for you! It’s such a great space with the openness and willingness to share! I love the support and the “tribeness” lol 💕

Rachel Heiden

You know what I love about our tribe? The real. Just real people. Having good lives…shitty lives… Overcoming our fears and pain together. Rejoicing together when we win. The little things. The BIG things. How my heart seriously feels full when I’m here. How I can cry when I read some posts…out of live, understanding, confusion, whatever. Ahhhhh….yes. This is Our Tribe and we are a bunch of put together messef up mammas getting shit done TOGETHER. 💕

Stacy Dvorak

Everyone is so amazing and we each have different stories but we are stronger because of it. We are here to lift each other up instead of bringing others down

Susan Huen

I love our Tribe’s realness, the family atmosphere, the ability to lean on each other.
I’m always here for an ear/shoulder if anyone needs it!

Melissa Jonio

I could go on for pages!! We have hundreds of words like this!

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So, how do you go from empty to full power as a mom? Here’s my message to you:

Grab a resource & a support system to elevate your mind, your spirit, your body, and your life.

With LOVE as my guide,

Christina Reynolds

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