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At exactly 12:59 AM this morning, when every big step was finalized, I got cold feet.

I had been so focused on the next baby-step-task for MONTHS that I had forgotten to get nervous!

Excitement and vision carried my actions every day for weeks leading up to this moment, and I left no time for fear….

But now….It was actually about to be reality….

”What if everyone hates it, and hates me for it?”

I thought to myself

“Honestly, Christina….”

whispered my Inner Guide…..

”Who would hate you for wanting to spread LOVE, hope, & inspirational stories to elevate motherhood?”

Inner Guide


I quickly jab back at wise old IG.

“Not YOUR people.”


Inner Guide was ON at this hour.


”So I SHOULD press ‘Post’ on this challenge to spread the news of launch?”

I inquire to higher intelligence.

“Whatever you Do shall Be.”


Well that’s cryptic, vague….and actually…..really helpful. 🤔

‘Is that an official quote? I’m making a mental note to Google that later.’

“Well….what if it sucks? It’s my first six episodes…..It’s going to be bumpy!”

My humanity

“Bumpy= the manifestation of your creative playground; adventure. You came here for ‘bumpy’”


”Oh yeah…..”

I recall the countless hours of meditation, inspiration, & hard work put into getting this far….

“I remember now. Let’s do this.”

Soul met Self


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So, How Does One Get Over Cold Feet During A Big Step??

Do it “bumpy”. And do it nervous. Additionally, lean into excitement over fear, trusting the voice of your wise old IG.

With Love as my Guide,