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“The universe doesn’t give AF about you”.

Unnamed man

I said, “It’s so nice to see the signs that the universe has my back”,…….and he said, “The universe doesn’t give AF about you.”

I sent a laughing emoji and kindly disagreed, saying that since I believe that God IS the universal & Divine intelligence, that the universe (God) does indeed have my back and gives AF about me.

The unnamed man responded, “I can get with that. Gotta be a consciousness, right?” (Referring to my choice of words with “universe” instead of “God”.)

He noted that it implied that I believe in an, “intelligent ‘choose your own adventure’ design……vs….universal happenstances”.

My response??

“Ahhhhh yes. I believe in co-creating with God. I don’t believe much in “happenstances”. And I think the name “God” can hold strong religious connotations, whereas I think of the “Universe” as more of the cooperative components, (that is still God), that can be influenced by our thoughts, intentions, actions, & prayers.”


If I may offer an analogy-

If God is the SOURCE of all energy we use daily, the electric lines worldwide are the cooperative components we engage with to plug in the toaster or devices, (us humans).

If you don’t intend to plug the device into the cooperative components, you don’t connect to the source of the energy. These components can most easily be “plugged into” by our intentions, thoughts, actions, words, and prayers.

So when I say that it’s nice to see that the Universe has my back, I mean it’s nice to see the electricity of my intentions grows when I focus and “plug into” source energy, (God), and nice to see that when I do that, the universal energies work collaboratively with me, not electrocute me.

Well, I’m the type of lady that can have a friendly conversation where we disagree on beliefs, and I’m okay, especially understanding that the modern day “Christians” that I often engage with don’t like words like “Universe” to describe God because it sounds “Woo”, and heaven forbid we sound like enlightened, spiritual beings as children of the Creator. (Hopefully you sense my thick sarcasm.)

He didn’t disagree, but simply responded with a definition of the word “malleable”:

(of a metal or other material)
Able to be hammered or pressed permanently out of shape without breaking or cracking.

Wow, okay.

So, I got no further explanation as to how this tied in to the conversation, so I was left to my own devices to assess the meaning.

I imagine this is how my friend views himself or holds himself in identity, as malleable….able to be hammered or pressed permanently out of shape by life, without breaking or cracking.

I meditated on this a moment, as it’s contrary to my perspective, albeit interesting to wonder how this perspective serves him in life.

I think that part of why I’m so awesome, (love the humility, right ), is because I can be broken, and put back together, time and time again.

I have been shattered beyond belief, and have let the light and the gold from the fire refine me into something entirely different.

Does it hurt? Hell yeah it hurts.

Is it worth it? Yes it is.

I don’t want to hold the mindset that I’m a diamond that can’t be broken or that I’m a piece of metal constantly forced out of true form….

….. I want to hold of mindset that I am a beautiful piece of art and a vessel, always being broken by the use of life, and put back together and refined by gold and fire.

THAT mindset doesn’t set me up for failure like expecting myself to feel like a diamond that can’t be broken does, or like a piece of material that is forced to bend out of original and authentic shape…..

THIS mindset of being okay with cracked or damaged helps me feel like a badass for overcoming the things that caused a dent.

Poetically translated to “golden joinery,” Kintsugi, or Kintsukuroi, is the centuries-old Japanese art of fixing broken pottery….

Instead of rejoining ceramic pieces with a clear adhesive so that no one could tell it was ever broken, the Kintsugi technique employs a special tree sap lacquer dusted with powdered gold, silver, or platinum.

This unique method celebrates each item’s unique history by emphasizing its fractures and breaks, instead of hiding or disguising them.

Kintsugi often makes the repaired piece even more beautiful than the original, giving it a fresh, second life.

I believe that we need more of this 👆 in the world.

We need more of this concept that something broken can be repaired into something more beautiful, giving it a second life, fresh with possibilities of beauty and service….. not by hiding the flaw, but by emphasizing the break and sharing the beauty with all who lay eyes on it.

We need more celebrating of each person’s unique history by emphasizing their fractures and breaks and history, instead of hiding it or disguising it to look like something else.

End rant.

Thanks for coming to my talk. 😘

Want to know HOW elevate your experience and “get good” with the universe?

  1. Accept your breaks and baggage as a beautiful part of your human tapestry & history.
  2. Choose thoughts that allow you to be supported, and do it again and again. Witness your thoughts, forgive them if they do not serve you, and then choose a different thought that makes you FEEL better. We get to choose how we feel!! Stop and think about the potential in that for just a moment.
  3. Focus on future, not the past. Try to exist and walk around doing daily tasks in a place of vision and imagination for your future, instead of living in history and memory. If you are doing laundry and your thoughts slip to a past experience or stressful situation, stop that thought path and choose something different.

These are simple shifts, but not easy…..unless you have support showing you how to do it with ease and not effort. Efforting is not the solution. Stop thinking and working so much, and start practicing living by feeling and flowing instead.

Here is how it is with feeling & flowing….Because I’m not preaching to just ”think more positive”….

If I may offer a visual….

We wake each morning and have a choice in the first five seconds. We can choose to get out of bed and mentally put on high-vibing slippers, or we can get out of bed and step into low-vibing slippers.

The low-vibing slippers associate themselves with low-vibing emotions of fear, anxiety, depression, hopelessness; they carry with them yesterdays pain, yesterday’s baggage, and yesterdays stress to bring in and walk in to today……

….And without dopamine flooding your system along with adrenaline, (like when wearing high-vibe slippers), these low vibes literally create disease within our minds and physical bodies. We then go on accepting this diagnosis of anxiety or autoimmune disease or irritable bowel syndrom or allergies as ”new normal”, instead of getting to the root-cause in order to heal the problem.

The high-vibing slippers influence your energy in such a way that you view each day as a new opportunity to create momentum in the areas we want to elevate, so we walk in a vibration the matches our desires, which in turn creates more momentum, drawing our desires to us faster than we knew possible. Once I learned this formula, everything changed.

Feeling stuck in life circumstances?? Look at your thought patterns, witness what you watch and listen to, and who you surround yourself with. The key is to witness with love, not judgement of ourselves.

Dr Joe Dispenza talks about how we humans walk around asleep, not in actuality with our physical body, but with our minds; we are sleepwalking on autopilot. Mompilot I call it; I have a blog post on this!

Dr Joe. gets physiological with his explination, which I happen to love, but I’ll spare you the science for now, and edify for you the fact that this is studied by brilliant minds that are now doing things like brain scans on those with mental illness and those mentally well, as well as documenting radical healing when the mind is in control of the body.

So lets break this down into even smaller baby steps, nicu baby steps, where you celebrate the microtiny things, with the knowledge that little things add up to big things over time.

How to: baby step style:

Baby step 1. Decide first which areas you want to focus on elevating.

……Right then, upon reading that, something popped into your head. What area was it?

If you feel like a hot-mess and want to elevate everything, go back to (1.) accepting your baggage and breaks (and current situation), (2,) choose thoughts, people, and things that allow you to feel supported, and then (3.) focus your energy on future progress instead of backwards treading.

Inside of each of us are physical and energetic currents in our body that flow. Visualize that when flowing with the current, all aspects of life flow right into place; when paddling upstream away from the current, we are exhausting ourselves with all our efforting and never getting where we want to go.

To get on your path or stream of least resistance in any circumstance, always start with 1,2, &3 to first get aligned and on the right path.

Anything you do outside alignment feels hard, it feels sad, it feels tiresome, it feels monotonous.

Your stream path of least resistance is also your path of greatest joy and most abundance. This feels like happiness. This feels like warm cookies. This feels like freedom. This feels peaceful. And you can choose to get here at any time, with focus and intention.

Once aligned on the right path, (or stream if sticking with the river analogy), then is the time for action…. Alignment first, action second.

Baby step 2. Start Gaming! Don’t jump on your xbox just yet…..

Once you know your area of focus and intention for elevation, start having some FUN with it. Play around with it. I say this because we look forward to doing things that are fun. We enjoy people that are fun to be around. When we go out on a date or adventure, we do it for fun. Yet somehow, as moms, we forget too often to have fun, so any opportunity I can find to implement a fun practice or game, the better.

Today I’m leaving you with my top two favorite games, and my three favorite website pages currently for you to check out, in the spirit of elevating you life!

  1. Alignment game

Let’s get real….. as moms, its a cute idea to stay in a state of gratitude and happiness,but……HOW? How do we change our thought patterns? How do we not let someones passive aggressive comments get to us? How do we stop from snapping when someone leaves a wet towel on the floor? The answer: baby step 2.

  1. The alignment game

Here’s how to play the alignment game to ultimately end in a state of alignment within five minutes: Start as vague as you can, thinking with full intention on only this game for sixty seconds, on something that makes you smile, laugh, or feel grateful. The first vague thing that pops in your head. Can you think about how you breathed all night long and didn’t think about It? perhaps the roof over your head in that current moment, the clean water flowing in your shower? Could you think about how nice tour shampoo smells, the shampoo you were fortunate enough to purchase with money, probably from a bank account where funds of any amount are deposited even occasionally? Could you hold gratitude for the food in your kitchen, the towels in your closet, the sheets able to be washed in a machine, because we live in a time space reality where its possible to put our dirty things into a container, press a button, and it comes out clean? Could we hold gratitude that we have legs to walk to the washing machine and arms to fold? If you don’t feel new after sixty seconds, keep going on another train of thought on any topic that you don’t feel resistance around.

Play this game as you wake, as you brush, as you eat, as you drive, as you sleep; the more you play, the faster and higher your vibing slippers get!

2. Prosperity game

This is an imagination game, we are tapping back into our inner child and finding our path of least resistance and slippers of highest vibration!

Pretend the universe delivers money of any amount of your choice (smallish) to you today, and you have to spend it on something that makes you feel good, (outside of debt payoff and savings….we all know thats fun and necessary), so expendable funds that you have to spend by the end of the day. Now, each day on, double the amount of money the universe sends you, remembering that you have to spend it by the end of the day!

Need me to paint you a picture? The universe delivers you $1,000 today and you have to spend it on something that would bring you joy, (remembering to exclude stocks, savings, and debt payoff). Technically, you aren’t supposed to be giving all the money away either, as the idea is to expand our beliefs to see bigger possibilities, all the while holding the belief that there is enough abundance for each of us to take!

Dream a little. What would you build? What would you buy?

Baby step 3. Build your bridge, one plank at a time, using planks from 3 piles : mindset & spiritual practices, support systems, and resources & hacks. July’s webinar is a deep dive into this, so stay tuned! I’m also available during a Q&A in June. Check our Elevate with Events page for details!

I always say that to get from one unchartered territory to the other side without any visible path, build yourself a bridge to where you want to go. This requires baby steps 1,2,3 rinsed and repeated.

Hopefully today, in these minutes together, I have helped with expansion in your mind on what is possible for your life. Did you catch glimpses of it?

Without going into too much more detail here today, hopefully you saved the formula for elevating any and all aspects of your life!

Want to go even deeper with me on any aspect?? Let’s gooo!

Check out how to Elevate with our Events, Elevate your Income, Elevate with Resources, & currently under construction so not labeled this way yet none the less Elevate your Mind, Body, Spirit with blog and hacks!

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Evangeline Walker · July 1, 2022 at 3:06 am

This was truly inspirational. My husband loves Japanese traditions.. for this reason. Japanese people do not try and hide the broken, odd or weird. Instead they put it on display and talk about how unique and all the ways that these breaks and oddities make it beautiful. Maybe you are right.. Maybe our world or just our country needs to begin celebrating the broken and the oddities for all of the true beauty that comes from our breaks. Much like you – I do not want to be looked at like a piece of metal that can continuously be forged into something else. I want to embrace the things that hurt and broke me… After all, we went through the hurt and the break; who would WANT to be the same after that? Wouldn’t you want to show your scars and pieces that broke and were put back together?? For me it is like saying “Well yea, I broke. However, I survived and am here standing strong.” These are our scars/bruises/tears/breaks.. Lets allow them to teach us, heal from them and use them to show our strength.


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