Story time! 👏😆😘

I am officially late to power hour where Cassie Woods and Brooke Thomas are gonna throw down some Wednesday wisdom, which I really needed today, (it’s always epic).

I let out a few tears on my drive, (it’s best to get that negative and annoyed energy out of my body as soon as possible).

I pull into my garage at 10:11 am….yep definitely late for a 10 am zoom I wanted to catch.

Of course my iPad doesn’t want to connect with WiFi, as I try to regain my cool.

It finally connects and I log into zoom to hear Cassie throwing down some truth bombs to help elevate our businesses and lives.

I get off the zoom twenty minutes later, pumped about our talk and ready to continue to grow in my growth mindset to thrive and do what my spirit calls me to do….connect and spread my messages to all who will listen.

“Oh God….bless me indeed, enlarge my territory, I pray that your hand will be upon me, and that you will keep me from evil”, I pray.

I continue out loud…..

“Show me where you want me. My only desire today is to see you hand and presence and be a servant to our movements and messages. Show me a sign.”

My phone rings ONE SECOND after saying “Amen”.

The voice on the other line tells me she is affiliated with Ted Talks and wants to know if I have a few moments to talk.

“Heavens yeah!” I say only in my mind.

We talk for fourty-five minutes!

She ends by saying she wants to take a moment to just appreciate my story and message, that it’s so encouraging and inspiring and would be perfect for Ted! (Apparently if you are affiliated with the organization, you just call it “Ted”, not “Ted Talks”. 😆)

I get off the phone and start carrying groceries…..

This story is almost over, I promise. 😆

Talking out loud to the universe again, I say, “Was that my sign?”

Immediately answering my question, my iPad dinged.

I looked over as I walked by it to get more groceries, and I stopped in my tracks.

THIS 👇 was what my affirmation app sent me at the exact moment I was asking for an answer.

“There’s your sign.” 👏😆

So…….I may be on a Ted Talk someday soon!🤞🤞

Or perhaps it was my sign that I should keep my mind open to the endless opportunities surrounding me.

Time will tell!

What a crazy beautiful life I lead. ❤️