Hey mama, if you are looking for solutions, first off, I’m sending you SO much LOVE, 💓.

Second, keep the faith, there ARE REAL SOLUTIONS. 🙌

We have almost lost our toddler Kadyn more times than I can count…..😔

The complexities of his medical situation has had me filled with anxiety and depression over what could happen at any moment, and I already had depression and post-pardom hormones.

Many things helped me through, and even allowed me to get off pharmaceuticals! Here are my best FIVE tips:

  1. Mindset work. Choosing to enjoy the present instead of letting fear in and spoiling my mind, mood, and relationships in the present moment. When I accepted that worrying helps noone, it just makes me energetically difficult to be around, I realized it was up to me to decide what life we would lead, and lead it. I read/listen to a lot of mindset and personal development books. There are so many best-selling authors that have some incredible books, guided meditations, and breathing techniques that have all helped me grow.
  2. Heal your body! I had to heal my body. Stress was killing my appetite and my nutrition was crap and my gut-microbiome was waaay unhealthy.


All the happy hormones are NOT produced in the brain, they’re actually produced in the gut, and the gut has communication signals that allow your brain to feel happy or unhappy.

If the one trillion bacteria that are in your gut are out of balance and your body is not able to produce serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, no amount of mindset work, exercise, or therapy is going to solve that issue; it’s a root cause issue that can only be healed with microbiome balance, and it’s axis connection to the brain.

For me, when I healed my microbiome, my depression and anxiety literally just went away, my stress resilience went up, my motivation to turn on the audio books was higher, and my fears were lower.

Healing my microbiome is healing me at the ROOT-CAUSE of my issue. I don’t want anyone to suffer because they didn’t know this information. I did for too long.

Reach out if you want some resources for this. There are plenty of science, studies, and solutions to back this. 🧬💚

  1. I found go-to tools to help me cope and made them easily accessible. Examples-
  • I keep essential oils that relax me literally in every room.
    *Same with suppliments and water because those are my quick relievers that can always stop me from spiraling when I use them right away.
    *I have a music play list because music touches my soul.
  • I have a yoga mat and some breathing videos I can pull from.
  • 4. Education & practice. This has been monumental for me in coping with my anxieties relating to Kadyn. Today, I am confident that if Kadyn’s trach plugs, I can change it; if he desaturates in oxegen levels, I can bring him back; if he codes, I can do CPR. I got myself trained in all things related to my child and I am the most qualified to handle his emergencies. I know him and how to save him. Get to the ROOT of the cause for your depression or anxiety and takes steps to empower yourself to not feel that way by choosing a different thought, & choosing a new action, habit, or tool for learning. Example A- If the root cause of your depression your job and finances, give yourself a lifeline and come up with a different financial plan….. ……Maybe your first step to bring you to a higher emotional level could be to join a financial peace facebook group to get support in this area. Example B- If you decide that the root cause of your depression is hormones, learn how to regulate hormonal balance, (hint- it’s in the gut microbiome).

Make sense??

  1. HAVE FUN!!! The secret to attracting the positive things that you want in life is to have fun! When you are having fun, you are smiling, feeling good, vibrationally your energy is open for attracting more like positive things. *You find dancing fun? Turn on music and get your booty moving.
  • Is gaming fun? Schedule 30-60 minutes a few times a week to game.
    *Do you like to play sports or workout?
    Schedule that stuff into your life!

For anyone in depression reading this, reach out to me anytime, my friend. I’m sorry you are going through this. I feel your fear and I empower you to let it go.

I ❤️ you.