Can you relate to this image?! 👏😆

Did you know that emotions can actually get trapped in your body as energetic balls (if you will) that effect the flow of blood, air, lymphatic system, neural pathways, nervous system, etc?

True story.

Check out a book called The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson, forward by Tony Robbins if you want your mind blown on this topic!

There are people that get certified as practitioners to release trapped emotions so you can live your best life!

I have a close friend that is a practitioner, and I’ve experienced it myself and it’s incredible!

I can now painlessly and emotionlessly talk about trauma and circumstances that happened in my past as if it’s just part of a story that I’m not emotionally attached to.

There are so many things I found the past few years that I’m not, “What?! How am I just hearing about this in my thirties?!”

The past is the past.

I am free to live my best life in the present and future, not tied to the drama of my history and memory.

It’s beautiful. ❤️

I’m okay with emotions today, and I don’t freak out when others have them.

Like anything else, you just have to know how to hack the solution. 😘