“I’ve got a mom for that!”
– Christina Bond-Reynolds

Welcome to my Rolodex of moms that serve other moms, put in directory format for easy viewing!

I’d love to refer you to the moms that will help you elevate your life!

Believe it or not, the Rolodex is still in use by some folks, and I’m bringing mine virtual (and public) to better serve you!

Coming Soon – quick & easy online quiz to direct you to your best matches.

In the meantime…..let’s meet you where you are at.

Need a life coach for yourself or your teen? I’ve got a mom for that, and I’ll connect you via this directory!

Looking to heal from postpartum depression with a professional? I’ve got a mom I recommend!

Doing great, but need a business strategist? You know what? I’ve got a mom for that! Let me connect you??

Perhaps you are looking for a hobby that also makes you money, or a financial advisor, or content creator? I believe I’ve got just the mom for you!

Matchmaker Mom you can call me, (cue muahahah), as I match you up with the fellow moms in professions that can help you elevate the different aspects of your life!

This directory is free to use, so come back often to shop services.

*Note* This page is under construction this week. Please return in 24 hours for an update.

I aim to provide an elevating experience while you visit, and send you with gifts that will bless your life and elevate your journey.

Christina Bond-Reynolds, Founder

Lauren Ricks, “I help moms build offers/business that are aligned with their gifts & callings and also aligned with who they are & their season of life!”

Lauren ricks alignment mentor

I believe God gave us all unique callings and in motherhood we can get lost in the mundane tasks of motherhood and lose our selves so to speak. I love being able to help moms find their passions & take their ideas to create something that can impact themselves & their families along with the world.

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Angela DaCosta, “I offer website design and digital marketing services for mom-entrepreneurs.“

Elevate moms growth personal development

I focus on encouraging and empathetic messaging that is sincere and helpful. I’m a mom too, so I understand the challenges of juggling running your own business while raising your family.

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Jen Russman, Practitioner, Coach, Inspirational Mentor

Jen russman coach energy

I guide women on their heart healing journey to embody more joy, emotional freedom, power and purpose through my healing manifestation programs

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Jessica Brittani, Founder of Calm & Colorful and Viktoria’s Village

Jessica Brittani Family Communication coach

Every parent can agree we would die for our children, but the real question is: Will we LIVE for our children?

Click here to visit with Jessica & Calm & Colorful + Viktoria’s Village

Joni Killius, Coach, Mentor, Entrepreneur

Joni Killius Financial wellness

I serve the moms who feel like they are just surviving. I help them Thrive in multiple ways based on their individual needs.

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Meg Zeek, Unbroken Coaching

Holistic business guide affiliate meg zeek

Quit the comparison game & start manifesting your dreams by aligning with YOUR energy. What we give to ourselves, we give to the world.

Click here to visit with Meg and learn more about Unbroken Coaching

Ashley Leon, Mind-Body Integration Coach and Inner-Child Healer

Asher Leon Mind-Body Integration Coach and Inner-Child Healer

I am a Mind-Body Integration Coach who serves individuals want to harness the wisdom of their body to heal their mind-body connection, gut brain connection, and integrate their inner child.

Click to visit with Ashley via Email Click for Mind-Body Coaching website

Pam De Minico Nyatsambo, PT, Coach, Mentor

Mom life elevated

I guide women towards life changing nutritional solutions and coach them gently to optimize success to uplevel their lives so they have the strength, energy and endurance to pursue their passions with ease and fulfill their Earthly missions.

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Jen Landry, “I am a certified corrective exercise specialist and train pregnant, postpartum and everyday women.”

Mom fit

Bridging the gap between healing after birth and getting back into a full, healthy life can be a challenge. As a Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist and a personal trainer going on 13 years now, I am here to help. I will teach moms how to move and workout in a way that will improve their strength while they heal a Diastasis Recti, prolapse, back pain and more!

Click to connect with Jen Landry and Moms Fit Life

Michelle Den Boer– CEO & Founder of The Mom 2 Moms

Mom to moms Michelle

I help mom’s overcome the challenges of motherhood so, that they can feel connected and enjoy being a mom.

Click here to visit with Michelle and The Mom 2 Moms

Diana Simpson, Web Designer


 A good brand is hard to ignore and that is the overall goal when working with us. We want to give you a brand that everyone talks about.

Click here to visit with Diana and see her work. She is my personal web designer and I adore her efficiency, professionalism, creativity, and courtesy!

Stephanie Polcyn, “I offer 1:1 coaching, group coaching, speaking engagements, books & membership”

Stephanie Polcyn wellness educator

I educate working moms on how to prioritize themselves while giving them the resources to be and feel at their best in all aspects of their life.

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