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COMING SOON~ Mom on the Climb Stories Podcast!!

It’s like chicken soup for the soul, but Mom on the Climb style~ short video & audio stories of inspiration and elevation for moms’ spirit!

In the meantime, check out the mini-series I did to test the waters with podcasting! It’s not amazing, but what can I say….it was my trial video podcast! I learned A LOT and have been training and prepping for this upcoming one ever since!

The content is still good (so I like to think!) and needs to be heard and spread, so I’m in the process of turning that to an automated series!! I’d LOVE your feedback as you watch!

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Release the resistance to the experiences that entangle you; they are your path to an elevated view.
Who you are….your identity, is unequivocally untied to others’ opinions. 

Their behavior may impact you, but you get to decide to what extent.

If others are on emotional rollercoasters; you don’t have to hop on.

You care, and that’s good. Sometimes, its okay to care from the sidelines and let them be exactly where they are in their journey, while you focus on what feels good for you.

Release the resistance to the experiences that entangle you; for they are your path to an elevated view.

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Inspiration Junkie!

Where are my fellow inspiration junkies?? People can say what they will about positivity, but filling my mind with good, it increases my quality of life, under all circumstances. My mind is my edge, and I fuel it with the good stuff!

More content coming soon! Until then, enjoy elevating with our resources and communities!