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We can only ignore the fact that we are human beings for so long.

Just kidding…..mostly.

In all seriousness though, as moms, we are labeled the “wearer of all the hats”, bordering on expectations of superheroes.

There are expectations of Mom to remember where everyone’s’ clothing items are, when bills needs to be paid, which permission slip needs signing……

……Taxi service, maid service, doctors appointments, dentist appointments, therapy appointments, band practice, student counsel, prom dresses….

…..Expectations to be all things, know all things, have all things, and bear all things.

Wooosaaah mama! I swear, it’s by sheer intention that we ever shower, let alone do an evaluation of where our physical health is.

Some are reading this thinking, “No thanks. I don’t need anything else to add to my priority list!”

It’s not necessary to hold the same belief systems I do….as long as yours are serving you and giving you an EPIC life…..

Yet, if you are here to truly find out how to FEEL BETTER FAST in ANY area of your physical being, keep reading, as I’ve walked this particular path before, and I’m willing to share what I know.

To help you elevate your physical self, it’s important first to establish truth and squash any beliefs limiting you from feeling GREAT in your daily physical life.

What do you mean, Christina? Can’t you just recommend a purple pill, or something?”

Yes, I can, and I will…..However, the purple pill and such only works if you use it; if you don’t believe you are worthy of being healthy and you don’t take the pill, my recommendations are useless to you.

Step two is getting hacks and resources. Step one is where we begin…..If you must skip to resources and hack, go ahead! No one here is going to stop you. You choose your experience here.

We’ll call this Step 1- Identify new truths

You don’t have to obviously, but these are the truths I live by that are serving me well; feel welcome to adopt any that you vibe with!

Truth: We are in human being form.

This means we need to eat, drink water, rest, and find joy & knowledge as a basis of taking care of this body we’ve been granted with, whether we are happy with it’s current condition or not.

This can feel “easier said than done”, especially if you have underlying issues with food or joy, but I encourage you to trust and hold faith that all will be provided to you on this journey once intention towards it is set.

And know that “easier said than done” is just a belief, which is just a thought you choose to keep thinking.

Witness your self with love and ask yourself, ”Am I in the mode of healing and allowing, or ignoring, or wishing without belief? Am I giving my body what it needs to think, act, & live my greatest life?

Truth: We have an intelligent internal guidance system that speaks in emotion.

Emotions aren’t facts; they are information. And they can get trapped in our tissues, organs, joints, lymphatics, and energy centers due to trauma, abuse, neglect, or lack of education on emotional response in connection with physical health.

Our emotions are our guidance, and paying attention to how we feel may be the key to connecting with our best path to healing and wellness.

(Meaning you can literally and actually heal physical ailments by healing emotional triggers causing the ailment! Also meaning that our chaotic and negative emotional outbursts negatively impact the bodies around us!)

Truth: We have a soul that exists outside of our body.

This has been researched for decades by Universities and brilliant minds, as well as written about for thousands of years in ancient text.
This page is not a deep dive into that, however, just gave me a great idea for a future podcast episode! Stay tuned!

Truth: When we connect who we are as a human being with who we are as a spiritual soul being, and tune into our Higher Power via our internal guidance system, we experience alignment, with which prayers are answered and abundance flows.

Wondering why your prayers aren’t being answered? Feeling abandoned or alone? Seeking alignment is always the best place to start in receiving answers and abundance.

Truth: EVERYTHING is connected, within us and around us!
This means that our emotions are connected to our physical factualities, our physical circumstances impacts those around us, in word, action, and energy; those around us take those energies into the world around them, attracting back to them the mental broadcast they are projecting.

Truth: Punishing yourself punishes those you love.

Mama, hear my heart when I say that I get what it is like to deal with deep guilt for my existence, guilt for decisions made, shame for times I have hurt those I love, (intentionally or otherwise), and feelings of unworthiness of happiness.

I didn’t recognize it at the time, but I deeply judged myself for who I was and what actions I had taken in life, and somewhere along the way, I decided ”who am I to smile, laugh, grow, live?”

I won’t quote Marianne Williams here, but imagine the quote inserted here.

As cliche as it sounds, I decided “Who am I not to? Why do I not deserve love or forgiveness or an abundant life?”

I learned it was my choice and my journey, and I get to create the experience I want and that I feel deepest aligned to create!

I found that healing myself led me down a path that taught me how to influence others to be inclined towards mental & spiritual expansion & healing; the beautiful fallout being a healthy mind AND body, which created a ripple impact in my family.

Punishing myself punishes those I love. My decision for increasing my quality of life came from my deep desire to see my family flourish and thrive.

Truth: We are not victims to our genetics or upbringing, and unhealed trauma and lack of care for the physical body has consequences….

Sometimes, those consequences look and feel painful and uncomfortable. It feels like illness, it feels like disease, it feels like cancer, it feels like addiction, it feels like depression, it feels like anxiety, it feels like allergies, it feels like confusion, it feels like fatigue, it feels like a battle.

The good news:

According to Dr. Joe. Dispenza, you CAN change your genetic destiny, thanks to a new field of study called Epigenetics, which has proven that emotional states affect gene expression!

Dr. Joe practices and teaches worldwide and “reveals how you can create an inner experience with enough power to create changes within the body and override toxic signals from the environment. In essence, you become your own genetic code engineer through the replication of these experiences. Dispenza claims that this can affect not only cancer tumors and heart disease but also can increase longevity by lengthening telomeres, as well. Can meditation start the reprogramming process for specific genes? Start exploring the epigenetic phenomenon and see what genetic interventions are possible.”

You can watch his series on reprogramming your genes here on Gaia!

If this sounds like a foreign language, I’ll translate!

Your mental life impacts your physical life, all the way down to gene expression….not changing DNA sequencing, but changing how the genes engage with our experience.

Let’s say that our DNA is a string of Christmas lights, a lightbulb being a gene inside the sequence. Based on our actions and choosing what environment we plug the string into depends on which lights turn on and off. With training, we can unplug or ”turn off” individual lightbulbs (genes) that don’t serve our color vibe and ”turn on” genes that keep us light and bright.

With the exception of 1-3% of the population, (including those with sickle-cell anemia and type 1 diabetes, for example), changes in genes due to environment, (including emotional and mental environment), cause susceptibility to many common diseases, including cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and mental illness, for example.

Before you freak out on me for blaming you for your cancer or illness…..

I know it’s a hard pill to swallow that we may have inadvertently caused our illnesses or diseases. I want to remind you that first, I get the internal conflict with hearing this, as I personally battled this for years, but I encourage you to lean into love and forgiveness and back to the understanding that punishing yourself doesn’t help, it only hurts.

Even if we cause our issues, there is good news…. We can find solutions and right the wrongs we’ve made, forgiving ourselves for not knowing what we didn’t know when we were younger.

Now you know. What are you going to do with this information?

You could….A- get mad at me.

….And that’s okay, I can do tough love; I believe you will thank me someday after experiencing the blessings and expansion on the other side of healing. I sleep well knowing I spoke my truth, and it saved someones life, someone’s marriage, someone’s business, someone’s family. I didn’t make this up and it is not my opinion, I’m just the messenger.

Or….B- Take this new information and run with it.
Jump head first into a healing journey. All you need is to set your intentions (internal GPS system) towards that goal, and all will be provided to guide you along your path of least resistance and greatest abundance!

More good news! Let’s call this Step 2

Fun fact: Treating your body’s gut microbiome can resolve a lot of physical ailments, bring your body into homeostasis, (best natural state of being), and greatly increase your quality of life by:

  • Increasing stress resilience
  • Increasing energy
  • Improving GI Function
  • Reducing pain & inflammation
  • Improving immune function
  • Elevating mood, motivation, & metabolism
  • Eliminate brain fog & increase focus and attention
  • Flush toxins
  • Relieve symptoms commonly associated with depression and anxiety
  • Balance nutritional deficiencies
  • Hormonal balance
  • Weight loss
  • Search [insert your issue] and the gut microbiome to see if this could be your answer

And yes….more good news!

Scientists and doctors have found plants and incredible elements from around the world that biohack our gut microbiome and other vital systems within the human body!

I’m forever grateful to the woman that introduced me to this mind-blowing information, and I aim to be that woman that rocks YOUR world with this truth!

Check out this video on the science behind treating the gut microbiome, so you know I’m not just making this stuff up!

If you want to Elevate your physical life, don’t just stop there; elevate your entire life!

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