Dear Mama, I’m so pumped that you have come to elevate your mom life with strategy for transformation!
If you are on this journey of motherhood, know that you are not alone, and that it’s okay to be exactly where you are. It’s also okay to be ready to grow and transform.

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It sounds “easier said than done” to just “adjust your attitude” so that your stress is gone and life is peachy. But it is actually easier than you’d think to actually elevate your mom journey and life transformation. This is achieved with the right strategies, and the releasing of limiting beliefs like “easier said than done”.

I’d love for you to adopt “Fill Your Bucket” as your STRATEGY for your momlife.

Fill Your Bucket as a book is about ten practical ways to self-well in ten minutes at a time- a busy mom’s survival guide to self-wellness. The ultimate goal of the ebook is to elevate mom life with mini strategy for biggest transformation.

As a movement, #FillYourBucket is about liberation and permission for moms to take themselves off the back burner and say “suck it” to whatever is keeping them from taking care of themselves, in order to “fill their bucket”. (Read about Movement in blog post)

“But Christina, what about my kids and husband?”

Obviously we don’t want to say “suck it” to our children and husbands/loved ones, but we can all learn strategies to organize, time block, delegate, & increase productivity. We can find toys, books, devices for entertainment so that our children aren’t attached to us 24/7. Furthermore, we are able to prioritize, beg, borrow, or steal ten minutes here and there for our own self-wellness.

If you can’t prioritize ten minutes here and there, we need to re-organize your life because something’s gotta give; you are doing it the hard way, and you don’t have to.

I give you permission to put that burden down, and pick up a new strategy for your life.

As a STRATEGY, Fill Your Bucket can & will elevate your mom life and transform your journey.

I created the strategy as an acronym with “FILL BUCKET” so it’s easiest to remember when aiming for elevating mom life with strategy for best transformation.
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F- Feel
Feel the feelings. Don’t shove your emotions down because you feel guilty for them or think that you shouldn’t feel that way. Feel all the feelings.

I- Immerse yourself
Immersion in the right community of like-minded women can make all the difference in your journey. (Join our Tribe)

L- Learn
Learn new strategies. Sometimes all you need is a few new tools & hacks.

L- Liberate
Liberate yourself into action. Release yourself from beliefs that are limiting you from reaching your desired potential life, and find your clarity through action.

Elevating mom life with strategy for transformation means accepting that no matter what your circumstances, you are not a victim to them.

Look at each opportunity as the best thing that is going to have ever happened to you…..

Life happens, and you can say, “I have decided to have faith that this will be the best thing ever for me in the long run. I have decided, so it will be so.”

Remember that anything that annoys you teaches you patience, anything that triggers you teaches you how to heal. And anything that stresses you out is an opportunity to practice surrender and faith.

In order to practice this daily to make it second nature and your “new normal” authentically, I recommend adopting these values as part of the strategy to elevate mom life.

B- Believe that all things all working out for your good.
U- Understand that life is an eb and flow and that everything passes in time.
C- Commit to showing up each day for yourself.
K- Keep your commitments to yourself.
E- Exercise self-grace and self-love and self-care.
T- Train your mind through affirmations and healing practices.

Our brain has what’s called “neural plasticity”, and the science/human physiology nerd in me geeks out over this!

The term neural plasticity, in short, means that our brain has proven the ability to create new neural pathways, or conditioned responses. 

In even more simple terms, that means that our brain has the ability to change….

It’s now believed that we can heal from PTSD. Research says we can heal from depression and anxiety. We can condition our minds to have positive physical responses to the stress we experience. Our brains can become new!

Give me a high five, “hell yeah”, or “amen sister” in the comments to that, especially if this is your first time learning this, (and please tell me in the comments if it is)!

Want your stress gone? Don’t blame your circumstances. Make stress your friend.

Did you know that during a stressful situation, when adrenaline flood your body due to flight or fight response, dopamine also floods your body?!?!

Dopamine does a lot of positive things in the body. Most people know it as the “happy hormone” or “cuddle hormone”. But most people don’t know that it’s a stress hormone. And the heart actually has a receptor for this hormone that can heal it and help the heart perform and keep up with whatever is going down.

So when you are having a stress response physically and your heart rate is elevating and your hands are getting sweaty, don’t think about how stress is bad for your body. Think about how your heart has a receptor for the hormone that’s being released in your body right now due to the stressful situation…..

Your heart will be able to keep up with whatever the circumstances is. You are physically created to rise to your occasion.

If you are feeling more fragile than strong, know that you are not alone. Know that there is support to do this thing we call motherhood!

As a starting point, decide if adopting Fill Your Bucket as a strategy will serve you. If so, commit to yourself and someone else.

Join this #FillYourBucketMovement so that in the moments that you feel drained and want to take a moment to call your mom, phone a friend, sit and drink some energy water, do something for you….

….But your head or your feelings are telling you to blow off your needs and desires in order to fold laundry or do dishes, or run errands now instead of later, say ”Yes” to YOU for TEN MINUTES.

Take ten minutes to elevate your energy and do some thing that makes you feel good.

Ten minutes, my friend, that’s all I ask.

If you want to snap a photo and post it with our hashtags on your media platforms, I’d be forever grateful!

It is no longer just me on this mission. WE are on a movement to elevate mom life with strategy for biggest transformation! Read more about that in my blog post here, and please purchase my ebook to elevate your life!

Go deeper with our video series called Suck It Fill My Bucket Show!