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Fellow moms & creators

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I created Mom on the Climb to be the space moms need during the motherhood adventures, to share the connections I found to be safe to grow, and the resources that changed my life.

This was done because in 2017, my motherhood journey called me into a neonatal intensive care unit for five hundred days, and I felt life demanded that I put on more hats than I was capable of carrying with my current support systems, mindset, & tools.

Mom on the Climb exists to offer the best inspiration, support, communities, & resources for moms on a journey.

The dream is for this to be a “Hubspot” for your life’s elevation; I hope you share the pages of this site and come back often for elevation.

Please don’t feel as though you have to, but if you wanted to buy me a coffee to support the work I put in and help pay for the servers that run this site, that would be great!

Thank you very much for treating me while I serve you!

Christina Reynolds

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