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Here’s what other humans are saying about me, in case you’re wondering if I’m legit.

In an ever-growing world of life mentors, it’s difficult to know if you’ve chosen the correct one for you, your business, and your platform. Having personally known Christina for several years, I can assure you that she is indeed the finest choice you can make.
Her knowledge of medically complex children, teenagers, motherhood and life is uplifting and inspiring and she truly touches everyone that she has worked with. Christina is a dedicated, passionate, inspiring and uplifting women who is on a mission to make sure that all women have a safe place to come to get the resources that they need, find their tribe, and feel included because sometimes motherhood can seem like a very lonely journey. Do not miss your opportunity to work with such an amazing woman to be inspired and to elevate your life!

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Christie Colwell

Co-Owner BBK New York

Christina was amazing to have our on our Rise to Your Purpose Podcast. As soon as we connected and I heard part of her story and about her brand, I knew I wanted to interview her. She is easy to talk to and shares what she knows with boldness, authenticity, and transparency. I love that Christina is a soul driven entrepreneur, meaning she is out here to connect, help heal, transform, and impact other mommas who know they have a message to be heard. She helps women to feel seen, heard, and valued and is truly creating a ripple impact from one mommas soul to another. Her heart for serving, leading, and dedication to her family is inspiring and believe her community will help you find breakthrough & encouragement along your journey to experience peace, strength, healing, and joy. You will love having your audience be able to listen and learn from Christina.

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Natalie Lawson

Entrepreneur & Host of Rise to Your Purpose Podcast

The best feeling ever is knowing you can grow and overcome what life is throwing at you. Christina’s experience, expertise, and heart for service is what sets her apart from the others, and offers the real solutions to our real mom life & wellness issues. I’m so grateful to know Christina, and to have had her as a speaker at the Mom to Moms Summit! I will definitely book her to speak at my next event. Thank you, Christina!

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Michelle Den Boer

Founder of Mom 2 Moms

Christina has a way with words, they flow from her heart and out of her mouth with ease! I have loved being a guest on her powerful motherhood podcast and I’m so thankful for what she is doing for mommas everywhere!

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Stephanie Bundrock

Founder of My Children’s Heroes

Christina has a true gift for speaking genuinely from the heart. Her love for others and servant heart is like no other. Through her own life challenges Christina has used her circumstances to help and support other moms.

Cindy Sorden Bloomfield

Mom & Entrepreneur

Christina is AMAZING!
Her experience is invaluable and she has been through so much and is a great listener and I know I am not alone with her in my life. Her resource of information is incredible and so helpful with her wealth of knowledge!! I am so grateful to have Christina in my life and she her support and encouragement and love for moms is empowering and inspiring! She just gets it! She helps so many navigate difficult journeys and is beyond incredible!

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Jessica Brittani

Owner CEO of Calm & Colorful

To connect with me about speaking engagements, email Christina.reynolds@momontheclimb.com or call 720-628-7699


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