This popped up on my memories! I shared this on my personal page, and thought I’d share here also.

Almost four years ago!!! 😭😭

This seems like ages ago. I think that’s because I’m an entirely different woman and mother in this picture than I am today.

I do NOT miss that hotmess mom always crying on the NICU hallway floors and yelling at hospital staff, living each day in trauma and fear of the unknown, anxiety about if my baby would live through that night, fear of if I was harming my other children emotionally by spending so much time in the NICU, fear of it my marriage would survive the tests this time in our life presented.

Living in anxiety and fear was not sustainable, but with postpartum depression being a reality of my existence, it was hard to find a way back to the light and love and away from the fear and anxiety of my daily life.

With my faith in a Higher Power or “God” being seriously tested, my support system became everything to me, the one I already had established and the new ones I was creating, (or were being Divinely created for me depending on how you choose to look at it).

These five HUNDRED days of #NicuLife, (plus the next hundred and one days in the pulmonary rehabilitation unit), were twenty of the darkest months in my life. And it’s taken me twenty months of him at home and healing to heal the traumas in myself as well.

If you are struggling and on a climb in your life or day, take heart and hold faith that “this too shall pass”.

Build your support system as strong as you can, as quickly as you can.

Healing and wellness is not something you should tackle alone. Reach out to me if you need support in this. 🤗🤟💞