Does your kid need a transformation like mine did?


This is Kadyn. 😍

He was born with multiple complexities and spent over six hundred days in the hospital before coming home- trached & on a ventilator, and on over a dozen pharmaceuticals, (at least three of them were to increase gut motility).

Grateful to finally be home after twenty months, we were still dealing with all kinds of formula intolerances, GI pain, and gallstones inside of an inoperable belly.

Home was bliss, but the pain was not. 😓

After finding Amare out of desperation for my own anxiety and stress issues, I thought, ‘Huh….this is having remarkable results on me….I wonder if I should try the kids’ line on Kadyn. 🤔’

I sent his medical team and GI specialists pdf info on the kids pack- clinical studies and all, and his team was impressed and all in on trying it.

Well……I’m happy to announce that the results have been astounding with Kadyn as well!

His belly pain subsided, his stress resilience to his circumstances increased, (meaning situations like accessing his medport and ng tube and trach changes and therapies were much better tolerated)!

His mood is stellar all the time! We’ve been able to get off of a formula and onto a whole foods blended diet, he’s gaining weight, and we’ve cut MULTIPLE pharmaceuticals!

His mental advancement & nutritional advancement for a four year old from where he was one year ago is mind blowing! One year ago, we were dealing with hair loss from a lack of vitamin K.

Enter Amare.

I’m forever grateful to the woman who first uttered the word “Amare” to me. She will ALWAYS have a place at my table.

I now have my entire family, including my husband and all four kids, on the product lines.

A stressed out mama recently asked me how much I spend each month on supplements.

I responded with an unplanned response that didn’t include the fact that Amare usually deposits as much as they withdrawal from my bank account.

“Not enough,” I said. “And it doesn’t really matter how much; the better question is- what’s the wellness of my family worth to me?…..

What is it worth to me to smile and laugh again with my kids?

What’s it worth to me to have my marriage rebuilding?

What’s it worth to me to have teenagers not anxious or depressed, but instead happy and thriving?

What’s it worth to me to know that my immune function is optimally primed against illness?

What’s it worth to me to not have to watch my toddler crying in pain, and instead speaking in a British accent?”

With a quiver in my voice and happy tears in my eyes, I told her the answer…..

“It’s priceless.”

Official Resource Links For You!

I mentioned that I sent resource links to Kadyn’s medical team!
Naturally, I am now a partner with this company with a heart for healing, so I actually have links to all this research!

If you are a science junkie like me and enjoy the research, you’ll dig this!

Feel welcome to share with any moms you know that are looking for non-pharmaceutical solutions to their issues of nutrition, behavior, attention, autoimmune, or any other issue that needs healing just about!

Here is the Kids Fundamentals Product Info Sheet for quick glance info.

Kids Fundamentals Technical Data Sheet is the research junkie’s happy place.

And here is a video from the Chief Science Officer of Amare on the benefits of the Kids Pack

Testamonials from moms like us!

If you are ready to get your kids feeling better, which in turn elevates YOU, click this link to get started today!

I have a strict moral code I uphold to only promote products, programs, and people that will serve you on your journey!

I stand by this company and product line one hundred percent…..

I guess the most important question is: What’s the wellness of your family worth to you?

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