There it was- this photo from my past staring me strait in the present. 

Pregnant me in 2017

Although it has been years, the pain of certain memories still hurt like a phantom sting on occasion. 

To ease the burn, I sat to do the motions that I knew would rebalance me, after all, I’d spent the last few years finding the best ways to heal from these type of triggers. 

After some light audio and breath work, I knew I was in the energy to receive guidance from a Divine power greater than myself. 

For me, receiving guidance usually comes during or after meditating, and usually in the form of writing. 

I love to write. So I write & I dream on paper…..and almost always keep the entirety to myself. 

I write myself future letters, I write in journal form dated in the future, I often free-write illegibly, but today…..

Today, I write a letter of gratitude to my past self for holding strong and brave so that we could live the life I live today. 

Today, I’m offering past Christina some love. 

As I sit in my car, hiding from my family in the only place I won’t be interrupted, I do my morning routine of prayer & meditation, breath work, energy work, and writing; I open my journal and grab a bright pink mechanical pencil, bold with color and ready to scribe my soul’s message to my humanity.

Dear past Self,

Hearts overflow with gratitude for all the hard & heartbreaking things you are enduring. 

I know you want to believe so deeply that it will all work out for good. Keep believing.

I know you want to give up. Thank you for not. 

I know you think you can’t do hard things, but remember who you are, and the game will change. 

The hard things are not your obstacles, they are your opportunities. 

Great expansion and joy awaits you on the other side, so do not fear the pain; embrace it, love it, be grateful for it.

Allow yourself to feel exhilaration for the things you dream, and continue to trust that all the pieces of the puzzle of life are falling into place at the perfect time.

Thank you for not giving up. Thank you for being your own hero.

Thank you for listening to that voice inside you that says you were made to live for so much more.

Thank you for growing when it was time to grow.

Thank you for learning to be a lover of learning. 

Thank you for finding your soul and dying to ego self, I know it can be hard….

…Yet, it’s our magic power source though. Bottle that and keep going. 

We are grateful for your persistence in overcoming. 

Remember going forward, that even though your past chapters went a certain way, you can rewrite your character at any time, and plot change to a new ending. 

I love you. Thank you. I forgive you. I’m proud of you. Keep going. 



 I encourage you to find some time to write a love note to past self, or take time to hear what your future self has to say to current you!

This is a fun exercise that can beautifully expand your internal & external experience!

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