The BEST way to crash in life is to not take any steps towards mental well-being, and depend on old programming to serve you in your current circumstances.

Life can be exhausting if your mental well-being is out of balance, but invigorating and exciting if the right steps are taken towards mental well-being.

Undeniably, life is much easier to enjoy as a journey if you can ditch the brain fog and anxiety and increase your resilience to stress, all the while, increasing your energy, motivation, & connection to something greater.

Spoiler…..I’ve got hacks to solutions for this!

When kids don’t sleep, circumstances are hard, emotions are high, and time is limited, our self-elevation becomes the last priority.

It’s okay to not be okay. And it’s okay to not be elevating. AND it’s okay to be ready to move on and grow.

Give yourself permission to just BE, trusting that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Sometimes we are just surviving, and that’s okay, but that should only last a time; at some point we have to grab a resource, a perspective shift, and a support system in order to elevate and go from surviving to thriving.

My desire is that you take what you need, come back often to grab more resources, and share this page!

Christina Reynolds

So let’s get right into the steps towards mental well-being.

In truth, this is a tough one when you are busy and living off the leftovers from your kids’ plate, so I’m a HUGE fan of shortcuts and hacks!

I’ve found the fastest, yummiest, and most cost effective options after searching for YEARS for solutions.

Spoiler#2~ This post contains affiliate links to Amazon and other companies I’m affiliated with, which means if you purchase something from a link on this page, I may get a small commission at no extra charge to you.

I’m ALL about serving moms and I ONLY promote people, products, and programs that I believe will serve your greatest good!

Christina Reynolds

In my ebook- Fill Your Bucket For Busy Moms, 10 Ways to Self-Well in 10 Minutes, I offer many quick hacks and wins for this topic of eating well, since it does seem so tough to prioritize as a busy mom, yet its one area that REALLY makes a difference if even the smallest intention is placed towards it.

With this purpose in mind, I’ve taken the liberty to link in my favorite hack for mental well-being for you.

Significantly, this recommendation is the fastest, most impactful, (meaning you feel it pretty quickly), most cost effective way to elevate your mind and body.

After Amare, I’ll never go back to anything else to thrive life. Click here to check this out.

Markedly, this is not a question of IF this will help you feel better, it’s a question of worth; what’s your wellness worth to you?

Christina Reynolds

Don’t panic and leave. The image is deceiving; I’m not asking you to go running….I don’t run.

Exercise is a valid method of increasing your quality of life when taking steps towards well-being.

However, you can get creative with the solution to your time, energy, and money issues when it comes to exercise, given the extensive proof around it’s benefits.

By and large, this post isn’t an extensive into this topic, but feel free to grab yourself a copy of Fill Your Bucket for Busy Moms to grab some ideas and creative solutions!

At this point in your journey, sleep may be the trickiest of the five steps towards mental well-being because as moms, sometimes, it’s just not up to us whether we sleep.

If you have a newborn, sleep is tricky. If you have a sick kid, sleep is tricky. If you have ever been a mom, you know that sleep can be tricky.

Accordingly, that’s why hacks are the BEST!

My 3 best sleep hacks:

  • Sound frequencies on Youtube can be a great tool, simple yet profound, (and free), working on mom and baby both!
  • Healy device has been my saving grace for a couple of years now. It’s a micro-frequency device that originated in Germany and is taking the world by healing. I honestly use it every day to relieve pain, balance mood, energy, and even sleep.

    Two nights ago, Kadyn woke to bad dreams at 3 am. He was awake and talking away for an hour before I turned on the Healy device, turned on a sleep program, and placed it beside him; he was asleep in moments.
    Read more in a recent blog post .

    I’m an affiliate with Healy, which just means that when I recommend this life-changing resource, I recieve a small ”thank-you” check from Healy, at no additional cost to you. They use their loyal customers to refer more customers- a beautiful way to market, if you ask me. Click my Healy link to get the connection to this energy-balancing device!
  • Sleep+ is a supplement from the Mental Wellness Company, Amare. To watch a video from the Chief Science officer on this product, click here.
    Ready to grab some for yourself, hubby, or kids? Please use my referral link for Sleep+.

I’d LOVE to hear your results if you try any of these! I’ll be in touch via email once you get started! If your results are anything like mine, these resources will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

This is BIG. This is really big. This is really, really big.

Meditation is the magic of life, and why I’ve included it in my top steps towards mental well-being.

I feel like I was reborn when I started meditating…..It’s like I was asleep and when I started meditating, I woke up. I reconnected my soul to my human personality. I remembered the truth of who I was.

Christina Reynolds

Meditating is a pillar of my day. It starts my day off right, I recenter throughout the day with a ten minute meditation here and there as needed.

Gabrielle Bernstein is an author and spiritual teacher and I learned meditation through her eleven dollar album. Proof that eleven dollars can change your life.

Additionally, proof that baby steps can bring you on a beautiful journey of spiritual elevation.

Stay tuned as we are creating a guided audio meditation for you to raise your vibe and connect your brain and heart to coherence! In the meantime, check out Gabby Bernstein, sit in silence, or find a meditation app that works for you to get started right away.

In reality, support systems can help in so many ways. Not only does each person or group have resources we can get access to, the relationships we have will carry us through our darkest days!

If you are in the market to grow your support system, I happen to know of a few that will change your life! Here are my top three recommendations.

  1. Mom on the Climb Tribe is our home community of moms that are raw, real, and looking to elevate. We aren’t the perfect PTA moms, yet we are about supporting one another through the climbs of motherhood. Join us on Facebook!

2. Join the community on a mission to elevate the world with mental wellness! Click here to watch a video and learn more about joining the Mental Wellness Company as a Partner and make income while making an impact. This community of people has rocked my world and changed my family and my future legacy for my family.

3. XXO Connect is the whole human connection experience to elevate all aspects of your life. 100% live video connection platform supporting your wellbeing through fun daily connection rooms, connecting you to self, expert coaches & community. Click XXO Connect to learn more & become a member today.

It is truly the desire of my heart that these resources bless your life!

Before you go, I want to thank you for taking these steps towards well-being for yourself, and sharing them with others!

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With love as my guide,

Christina Reynolds