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Motherhood is a journey, full of climbs and obstacles to overcome, and with the right support, inspiration, and resources, your life can be transformed into an elevating experience.

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Real moms telling real stories to elevate your soul.

Mom on the Climb is all about elevating life through the journey, even with all that being a mother entails- the good, the bad, & the ugly.

We are here for it all, and believe that your journey doesn’t have to be a grind, it can be a beautiful climb when you stop to take in the elevated view.

Let us help elevate your journey with stories from real moms telling real stories to elevate your soul.

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Move from fear to love in three steps

Moving from fear to love in a mere three streps sounds tricky at best, but hang with me and I’ll show you how to reprogram yourself in three steps. Undoubtedly, the ups and downs of our journeys often bring us to unexpected places….some of them are scary. Whatever place you are in today, trust that everything is working out for…

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Story-time Podcast for Real Moms to Tell Real Stories

Find new epistories on your favorite platform, or go to to view new epistories dropping weekly! To become a Storyteller, scroll to bottom. But first….. How did this story-time podcast for real moms begin?? It was 2018 when I first caught the vision of hosting a podcast for moms telling stories of motherhood from…

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I wish this had been around years ago, because it’s so simple of a read that’s it’s quick. But not only is it a quick read, it’s packed with value too. It’s a great book to keep close by especially if you have young kids or medically complex kids. I go back to get reminders all the time of simple and short ways to help get through the trying days.

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”This is book club worthy!”

This book is a game changer! As moms we give to everyone else, often taking little time for ourselves. In this amazing, powerful book Christina gives you a guide full of resources to fill your own bucket allowing you to be more present in your own life. This book hits to the heart of what moms can do to fill their own bucket in as little as 10 min a day. This is packed full of resources and is great for yourself and moms in all stages. It changed my view on what self care looks like and how I can do this for myself and my family. This is book club worthy!!

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Fill Your Bucket for Busy Moms will show you that filling yourself up doesn’t have to be cliché, time-consuming, or expensive; it can be easy, fun, freeing, and transformative!